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5:00 Notice rainy summer riding

1. "Relax your shoulders and arms. If your arm is very tense, once you slip, you will fall. But if you are very relaxed, even a small slip you still can control.

2. "Start when turning on the outside of the pedal to increase the pressure, so can reduce your center, but also make the contact surface of the tire and the ground increased, thereby increasing the grip.

3. "helmet with goggles or bring a small cloth cap under the helmet, so that makes you not to be thrown in front of the water blocking the line of sight."

4. "see the corners, was planned in advance of the line you go, round sweeping lines are the best choice for a sudden pressure makes your car cornering tire slip. Be careful zebra crossing, manhole covers, etc. These thing when it rains it is very slippery.

5. "If you talk to others in the back, you will be in front of the rear wheel riders splashing water blocking the line of sight, but if you get close enough with splashes of water will not hit you, if you get away with a bit it just hit the water in your face. I like to talk on one side, so that water is only playing on my shoulder.

Zhejiang Enze Vehicle Co.,Ltd
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