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How the parts of bicycle

1. What is the bicycle parts mounted on a variety of chassis parts all have their own

Role, such as brake to stop bicycle safety;Pedal is to power

To the wheels, and so on specialized factory, the production and sale of these parts is called a bicycle parts manufacturer, the famous parts manufacturers every year to develop new products, these products and to provide each big bicycle manufacturers, and then appear on the market.

2. What is the best bicycle parts?Simple speak is both light and strong, and better performance.Because have these conditions the bike ride up easy, safe and convenient.But to achieve all of the above conditions, it need good material.So, bicycle parts is often about bicycle price of a specific factors.The best is to be able to attend the Olympic bicycle parts of the game.Both strength and weight of the best materials has been adopted.

Three, the assembly technology

1. Assembly technology good parts if assembly is not good, would like neither after building stylist elaborate, also does not have experienced craftsmen to build a house, make you on tenterhooks all day long, for fear that it will collapse.So, if you don't want to regret after bought, should understand the knowledge.

2. Bicycle comfortable function

A. 2.1 transmission gearbox?Many people mistakenly think that the bicycle is equipped with a transmission so that you can speed up the cycling, one can actually the biggest only 0.4 horse power

Force.Transmission is to help people to the maximum horsepower easily play tool.

B. what are the advantages of transmission?Bicycles are commonly used within the city, within the city there are a lot of slope.Sometimes you ride a bike when they feel their feet suddenly became heavy, with his eyes cannot be found

The slope of broken is more often.Transmission advantages is that it can help you in the case of poor physical strength, reduce your energy consumption effectively.Such as colds, energy consumption cannot too big, so if you ride when selecting the number of teeth on the lighter than ride will be easy.And when the poor woman's body, with strong student takes an exam the tired, age can be flexible use of variable speed bicycle.So the advantage of the variable speed car is really too much.C. of variable speed SYSTEM needs adjustment before (now there is also a part of the variable speed car need to fine tune), but as the SIS (SHIMANO INDEX SYSTEM) developed function, make a lot of bikes on the SIS SYSTEM assembly, with speed as long as the press of a variable speed finish can be applauded as a longitudinal 'noise and variable speed, so has been don't have to worry about how to operate.D. when riding don't know where is the variable section for now?Now in variable speed on the digital display, as long as have a look at the digital display, the latest products and adopted the computer liquid crystal display (LCD) FLIGHT DECK electronic display system.The display system can display time, average speed, riding the total distance of 17 kinds of functions.E. inside outside variable speed and variable speed before know them, it is necessary to know the concept of inside outside variable speed and variable speed.Simple speak speed refers to the transmission in a bicycle outside exist as a separate parts, and variable speed within refers to the hidden in the flower drum after working parts.Variable speed directly on the outside, direct contact with the outer space.But as a result of contact with the outside world rain, dirt, grease, etc., so you must periodically cleaning and maintenance, and the variable speed need not regular maintenance, but the variable as a result of the design space is limited, so the speed range is limited, is generally used to ride in the city of light car.F. why now has not been popular in variable speed car?Within the domestic market, as consumers have not yet realized the charm of variable speed, so the present stage is not common, but in Japan and Western Europe developed countries in speed is very common in Japan (50% of the bicycle is the internal variable speed car).The reason is, of course, no maintenance.The latest new

Products and automatically by computer induction and miniature motor speed automatic speed changing system.

2.2 the stand or fall of brake brake is related to your safety and the safety of others, the brake force and brake braking time is the main factor that determines the brake, so the brake performance is good, the operating force of light is very important.In the Japanese market has a relatively common roller type brake, except on rainy days also can get satisfactory effect as usual, there will be no noise when braking, and no maintenance.

Four, what kind of bicycle is most suitable for you?

What is the purpose of the first is to see you ride a bike, usually go to work, school, buy something to use portable car, it is best to larger basket, can put a bag or something.And there are conditions to buy such as variable speed car inside or outside of variable speed bicycle.

If you ride the slopes or on the way to the bridge, you think hill, on the bridge are tired very trouble, you should choose to have the transmission of the bicycle.

It often rain if you are in place, you should choose the bike with fender, if night ride more, should choose to take light bike and so on.The bike shops often have a lot of kinds of appearance, color of the bicycle, so, before you go to bike shops, best according to their own actual situation, first will determine how you need what kind of bike, and then to the bike shop to buy.

Parts English name

Frame: Frame Titanium/Aluminum/Steel/Titanium alloy/Aluminum/Steel Fork, Fork Suspension, Suspension Bottom

Bracket (BB) : axial Crankset: large toothed plate of Pedals, foot Chain, the Chain Cassette Sprockets: flywheel Derailleur: transmission Brake: - Brake Brake V: V type Brake Disc - Brake: Disc Brake Stem: handlebar Handelbar, handlebar Headset: Front bowl set Shift Leverset: change the Shift Cables: variable speed wire Wheel, Wheel Rim, Rim Tire, Wheel Hub, flower drum Front/Rear: before/after the Seatpost: the tube Richard: Saddle tube: inner tube

Buy a bike, like to buy clothes, to adapt to the situation on the shape and function demand.Whether it's in the suburbs of Beijing cross-country, or in the track of the field go, as long as engaged in cycling, first of all need to choose a 'bike is enough to make you a longitudinal movement.Longitudinal movement 'is on bicycle riding on the distance and speed of the conditions of the movement.So a movement to use should be a fast bike ride bicycle, riding a fast can't is too heavy, the parts precision, durability is not too bad, the vehicle's dynamic rigidity of frame, parts of transmission lubricity also must be a high level.That so many conditions will make price multiples into geometric rise, of course, it is no wonder that a good sports and competition level of bicycle will be tens of thousands of and even hundreds of thousands of bidding.Here, however, is not recommended beginners up to buy thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars a year in a bike.Removal of economic factors, bicycle riding experience upgrade is needed to complete, will gradually adjust to master the knowledge of just remember firmly, and made new horse 'localization of the bicycle structure itself is not very understanding, one-time purchase in place may never like opium

Will come true.However, in order to make a longitudinal new horse 'very good, when the first shopping to understand their needs, as far as possible on the maximum choose bike for myself, know the autumn are described further in this article the bicycle position classification, theoretically with friends would like to purchase, upgrade, bicycle.Novice, please patience after reading the article!

The first chapter, from the body

A, the size of the frame

1. Choose and buy a used to exercise bike, whether must first pay attention to the size of the frame is suitable for rider figure.Frame size measurement, based on the length of the frame riser as a general standard, set up, the longer the length of the frame body length also riser short frame is suitable for the MM short stature.Specific measurement method is: sit here, on your feet step on the pedal a a devolved 臵, the leg can be natural hanging below the hem straight, such a height can make feet when trample can spare space stretching.

2. General road bike frame size, with batch production brand frame is for each size 2 cm more, while senior pure manual frame brand for each cm one size.To (large fluted disc) center axis of the first riser, gradually from the least 47 cm to 62 cm, a total of 8 or 16 size.We can use the following formula to choose to suit oneself the frame size of height, span long x 0.65 = frame under vertical tube length

3. In terms of mountain, is (large fluted disc) axis of the first riser center, each two inches a size, as the size of the frame size interval, gradually from 14 inches to 22 inches, GongZong five dimensions.Will not, because of the large between the size of the mountain at a precise formula to measure is suitable for the frame size, rider can only ride height to choose roughly the right frame.Beijing market can buy the frame is given priority to with 14, 16, 18 inches, usually for rider will be subject to height.List is about as follows: image frame size corresponds to the height of 14 models

Inches below 155 cm small WanEr 16 inches. 155-170 cm The tree of thistle door 17 inches. 170-175 cm Reporting, 18 inches, 175-180 - cm good elder brother more than 20 inches above 180 cm...

Second, the horizontal and the vertical dimension

1. Choose bicycle except frame size must fit the body lay, must pay attention to the other two size is the handlebar and handle.Handlebar professional is called a longitudinal cross ';Handle professional called longitudinal make '.To measure the length of the general upper arm and lower arm at a 90 - degree in hand, elbow to resist saddle front, at this point in the tip of the finger distance to the trailing edge should be three and a half to three means of distance.If the size of the frame for the body lay, use lead long to tap (mostly in 11 to 13 cm in length, every cm one size, if the size of the frame is slightly greater than features, leading to choose a shorter length (10-12 cm); if the size of the frame is slightly less than the body lay, leading to choose a shorter length (14 to 16 cm); size recommended above does not cover personal preferences, such as: car like dating can choose the frame and put a smaller size.

2. In terms of road car the horizontal width of the option is to put his hand against the shoulder, to the ends of the cross should be located in the upper arm and shoulder joint arm of the central.Beijing men generally use the size of the transverse handle outer 42 to 45 cm (each cm one size).If the proper size measured as 42 cm, suggest that can use a bigger size 43 cm of the cross, so can increase the level road sprinting or uphill stand acceleration forces, put a car and also consider the position of low wind resistance characteristics.Mountaineering off-road vehicles in order to increase the control performance of the riding the handle width is far wider than road car, in 56, 58 cm width is more than two dimensions is given priority to, in the downhill event dedicated hand width in 63 cm above.Friends they think differently, to buy a car.

Three, frame materials:

Frame is the soul of a bicycle, a good bike rack must comply with light weight, high strength, rigid enough three conditions.

As the cycling car weight is, of course, the lighter the better, so just more labor-saving ride faster;Strength is enough frame under high intensity riding, there will be no bending fracture security concerns;High rigidity is refers to the frame to be hard enough, sometimes a poor rigidity of frame may not have security concerns, but the bicycle frame power transmission, makes the rider pedal car pulling the heavy feeling, even if it is light enough and strong enough frame but poor rigidity, still investigate is an unqualified sport bike.In the Beijing car, conforms to all the good frame standard frame materials are: aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, titanium alloy and alloy steel.

1. Aluminum alloy:

Aluminum alloy belongs to sensitive and lighter, lighter weight, high rigidity, but also convey the ground every bit vibration response, and slightly at the expense of his comfort.Relatively cheap and the design of frame, is worth popularization varieties of purchase.

2. Titanium alloy, titanium alloy features similar to aluminum alloy and carbon fiber composite, it can have similar carbon fiber elastic also can enjoy the light of aluminum alloy and rigidity.Its special point is due to the rapid expansion coefficient, which can't paint on the metal surface, but titanium is not easy to corrosion, oxidation, color is also attractive.But its price is also the first two.

3. The carbon fiber, carbon fiber characteristics: flexible, riding a sense of stability, long cruise lasting good, high comfort.The disadvantage is that the price is very high, and the average service life (factory) count only five or six years, even in the six years frame without any knock against, its chemical formula has been decomposed, autumn rider continue to use is not recommended.

4. The steel materials: steel is the most traditional bicycle frame materials.The modern variety of

Alloy steel can be on the rigidity, flexibility, sexual transmission, stability, to obtain the very good effect, the only drawback is that steel is defects on weight, weight is heavy than on several materials.In general alloy steel material price is cheaper, giant Bora series is a typical representative.However, good luo hard steel, luo molybdenum steel frame price is not cheap, not street XiaoTanDian steel materials can buy.

Frame materials summary: know the autumn here remind cyclists is, the above each kind of material has a high level.The characteristics described here are based on advanced products (i.e., high prices) as the object, the merits of the above is in the low-grade products.In addition, although some product price, but due to the insufficient for material handling ability (such as carbon fiber and titanium alloy), adverse to the design of frame geometry or manufacturers, may also be riding feeling bad products appear, in short any level of material will be good or bad, because of geomorphic choice, cannot treat as the same.

The second chapter, from the perspective of the function

Like selection of motor vehicles, car for city, suv racing field, the SRV at travel and so on.We are the same as when buying a bicycle to travel choice based on different road surfaces and to meet different riding, riding environment needs.According to the current market we can see more varieties, can be roughly divided into the following type:

One, road car bike:

1. General bicycle: refers to any form can be used as a commuter cars on the highway.In order to cope with the demand of the urban traffic safety, usually in my path of national law to a certain limit (at present, the RDB does not dictate the bicycle speed limit, but must set moped in 20 km

The following, according to perform.)On the road, in fact, is what we call a longitudinal bus bicycle '.. Additional safety and comfortable with, for example: after the bell, fender, basked, brackets, etc.

2. The road cycling (car) : specifically designed to exercise the racing car on the highway.Have reduce the wind resistance of the curved handle design, low resistance points thickness cover tyre, in order to adapt to the speed of terrain 臵, mostly with low wind resistance streamline aerodynamic design frame, wheels and ultra-low weight frame materials.

3. The competition (site) bicycle: specially designed for time trial car racing game.At first glance appearance with highway car almost, but in fact there are many subtle differences, for example: oblique beam design, racing before half arc, single slice of the market, and so on.Note: the road cycling class as the price change is very big, the pursuit of light is very important, more choose for us.

Second, the mountain bike (suv) classification:

1. Mountain climbing suv (MONUTAIN RIDER) : knows himself AXT740 mountaineering suv is mainly aimed at the ground climbing or logging road pavement, affected by the shape and unfit for difficult stunts, suitable for long distance scaling the collar instead.Because in the process of form, the rider need upper body slightly forward, to applying pressure under the condition of constantly accelerating or climbing a hill, so on the height of the frame are not too high, so you should consider when choosing the frame height of the individual.Bumpy slope land, in addition, in order to climb mountain with former 臵 type shock suv, at the expense of his body's flexibility and the degree of light, rocker arm after the rear frame is fixed.In variable speed system, it USES the former 臵 transmission, respectively are common 18, 21, 24 period of optional, convenient for acceleration deceleration in different road conditions.And it has variable speed handle lever and rotary two kinds.It is worth mentioning that brake in addition to the traditional V mountain brake, also can be used in a disc brake system, with special brake wheel frame, in an emergency situation

Provide the safest brake function.

2. The multifunctional suv (FREE RIDER) : NO. 1 mountain knight mount multi-function suv is suitable for different road conditions, whether on the logging road, river, highway, down to be able to easily move back and forth among them.And can be simply jumps, it is suitable for competition and play type.Multi-function suv with 臵 type before and after the shock 臵 type, greatly improved the stability of the car run on the jump or uneven terrain.At the same time because of the shock is not long, so the advantageous function also kept climbing.Respectively in terms of frame, Y skeleton and traditional diamond frame, and the biggest characteristic is installed after the suspension link and rocker arm, will play the biggest function of the suspension to suit any riding demand without paved roads, has the characteristics of impact can withstand higher pavement.Appearance: easy manipulation of the body balanced one glyph flat handle, hypertrophy and high grip cross-country tire tread, stick to to increase the tire to strengthen the control performance of the front suspension or front and rear suspension design, and can overcome the rough rolling terrain height of variable-speed 臵.

3. Downhill suv (DOWN HILL RIDER) downhill suvs are mainly used in sports competition.Race the way is downhill, and downhill event is the fastest bike race, the road the most rugged, in order to road conditions need to overcome such difficulties, so downhill suv has huge outward appearance and wide and thick solid tyres.Frame are caused by the special material, including aluminium alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber, high carbon steel, 鉏 chrome steel and composite materials to choose from.In suspension, usually up to 6 inches above the drive, the purpose is to ensure that the vehicle's ground, downhill after the shock of suv type is various, including spring shock absorbers, pressure shock, composite shock, etc., it is worth mentioning composite shock is to use spring pressure and oil pressure, can independently adjust the up and down pressure series advanced shock;And before the suspension

Shock vibration system is inverted 臵 type, in the hill was the main reason for the shock of the highway and bad surface will not affect the manipulation of the driver.In order to get the best brake function, mostly using hydraulic disc brake.

The above classification, based on the performance of the bicycle to be simple, but can't put on roads is not an suv, and road bikes on the asphalt pavement will be hung in the halfway.Only off-road vehicles on the road to ride up because of the force that the weight is bigger, shock absorption, and the resistance of the tire is bigger, wide riding up.As long as the appropriate modification, the suv suspension fork into a fixed front fork, changing the off-road tires to tire tread pattern shallow, off-road vehicles can also be suitable for road trip or for pleasure riding.Note: mountain climbing is our common mountain bike suv, stable quality, simple maintenance and upgrade free space is very large, novice recommended first use.

4. How to choose suits own mountain bike

The starting point of all, the first is must have a suitable own bike.Here, a longitudinal 'right is very important!Because the bike is as sports equipment, is closely related to people's health, may not be sloppy.There's a phrase says, appropriate sport is healthy, inappropriate movement is dead, it is for this reason.The bicycle as commuting tools may not have this consciousness, indeed, think of yourself as a child, still can ride a father's 28 big shoulder, but the bike is not here instead of walking tool, so it is different.In addition, most of us are amateur sport, not professional sport, so that we can refer to some practice of professional athletes, but not completely copy, otherwise it may cause harm to yourself.In general people's eyes, sports

Part of the body is good enough, but do you know that athletes have more people to heart disease, players these days due to illness, died early news less?

A car there are two main ways, one kind is to buy brand vehicle, one kind is DIY, is commonly known as the DIY.Can now buy brands, domestic such as giant, beautiful, and even more international brands.Their assembly, has greater flexibility, and of course to own request is also higher.Two methods have advantages and disadvantages of each, said there is no absolute good or bad, please choose according to their own situation.Whatever you choose, make sure appropriate, this is can't compromise.Choose DIY natural can choose the right parts, vehicle for the brand, also need to adjust, the details of the necessary unless prototype and their matching.

1. The frame

The first step is the frame, frame as a man's skeleton, importance is self-evident.A lot of articles about it, there are a variety of calculation formula.Here is my personal understanding and experience.Generally the manufacturer can provide the frame geometry size chart about mountain frame size, someone tube length value level (TT).Others focus on the CC or CT values of the stand pipe.Yes, these data are very important, but not the first factor to consider.

Select mountain frame, the first thing to do is call Standover concept of Height.It is a what concept?It means you are riding in the car, from the ground to the frame on the tube (crotch below that point) at the top of the distance.Is a concept corresponding Standover Height Clearance, means your crotch to the tube on the top of the gap distance, also called a safe distance.Keep across the safe distance is very important to a certain extent, also easy to understand, because the mountain is not on a flat road cycling, fall down is very normal thing.When out of control, all the foot to support the road quickly tried to don't fall down, if there is no certain Ann

On the whole distance, then the frame tube could hurt cross department, consequences.

Have a simple look at frame Standover Height is too big.Wear when you ride with shoes, riding in the car, in your heel 臵 to bounce, if you could meet the crotch of frame, then the frame is too big for you.Of course, it is not enough to achieve touch less than, so how the safe distance is appropriate?The aspects of standard, too many, and your riding conditions also have a relationship, a list, there are certain to fluctuate is possible: if you only in the flat road cycling, never for off - road cycling, minimum safety distance can be 2 inches (5 cm);If you have uneven road surface, the minimum should be 3 inches (7.5 cm);Cross-country above, should be at least 4 inches (10 cm), or even more.Actually don't have to reach this strict, especially for some smaller juyou, looking for so small frame is sometimes very difficult.And the same frame, different travel suspension fork, different width of tire, will affect the value.Personally, I think to keep the lower limit of a 6 cm is acceptable, although not so perfect.When necessary, may require sacrifice big trip front fork and fat tire selection, but for XC standard, requirements for the width of the front fork travel and tire is original is not very big.

Choose frame according to the above standards, you may feel small, is very normal, do you think of the big small, that is because before.Someone said that the mountain frame two no. 3, younger than the average frame is the same reason.

This time, you again to the TT value of frame, the CT value and CC, you will find that they are in the reasonable scope, at least not big.Someone said, according to the standards of the shelf is too small, need to put the seat up, pull worry will not break.Actually, because the mountain frame basic it is compressed frame, seat post needs to be longer, to 35 cm, 41 cm length on the market of the seat post

A lot of it is for this reason that the length of the mean weight increases, the gram weight about bicycle, can shorten, definitely no one willing to lengthen the manufacturer not a fool.As long as no more than its safety, weight does not exceed the design specifications, then there should be no problem, of course not pass quality products out of place in the discussion.On the riser with the size of the frame, tube size is not completely the same, namely the TT value is different, so the choice much TT value?This with the related to the length of the state, need to choose under the joint on the vertical section.

The first step is to select the frame size, the following should be involved in the frame material, frame, frame brand price, soft hard tail end, etc.On these aspects, can joint and bear ability to choose of oneself be fond of.Avoid by all means is shilu 臵, want to know, no matter how your pretty frame, if you don't fit size, what's the use?We buy it is movement, bring us healthy.Of course, buy a collection that is another matter.

2. The state

The stand, which is commonly known as the leading, the state of main parameters have length (along the length of the stud from the center to center), Angle, whether positive and negative wear etc.Match the and frame, together constitute the total tube length.Notice that the length is not necessarily equal to the longitudinal frame on the TT value + the length ', because of the existence of the vertical angles, and the positive and negative can lead to different height, thus affecting the entire tube length, actually also need to get the measurement.

In frame Standover is determined, the tube length should be the total size of the parameters to ponder.How much is to keep this length?On the one hand, depends on your body size, on the other hand depends on the way.The following narrative slowly:

First, not too short, to ensure that the extension of the upper body can perfect, no huddled up feeling;To ensure the handlebars and you have a safe distance from the knee, even when you stand trample,

The knee will not hit the handlebars.This is a bottom line.Second, use.Total tube on the longer, the more upper body stretch, the easier it is, but the problem is the center of gravity forward, manipulation of the performance degradation.The tube is relatively short, on the contrary, you will be able to straight waist, obtain good handling and vision, the power is, of course, is not so freely.In addition to the length of the level, in terms of vertical, the vertical and difference in height between the seat cushion are also affected.The back of the seat height is relatively easy to determine (involve), the state can be through the use of front fork cushion ring, even the loading to adjust and the height of the seat cushion.To the lower, the easier, playability is poorer, the greater the pressure on the neck and arms;The opposite in turn.

In conclusion, to determine the length of tube, depends on many factors.Perhaps you feel very abstract, do not know how to do still, yes, this is the case, this is especially true for beginners!Although there are a variety of calculation formula, but no formula can apply to all people, only believe formula is purely mechanical and dogmatic.Then how to do?Many experienced players use one word: comfortable.By feeling, how comfortable how to!This is easier said than done, but for beginners is meaningless!We know that the man is a resilient animals began to uncomfortable position, after adaptation will be comfortable;Start very comfortable position, it is not necessarily the size suitable position.So, talk to a beginner comfortable, said a is equal to didn't say, this is need based on certain riding experience to talk about.

It must have a solution?Necessity, although cannot rely on a formula to calculate, but, for starters, I personally think, have to from the formula of mechanical machinery, mechanical so once, somehow is a starting point!T here are one of the formula: measurement data: stand level, crotch V groove at the bottom of the distance between the clavicle.

Measurement data a: stand level, stretched out his hand and arm, palm forward, measuring from escaping to the ribs

In the plane of the distance.

On the total length of pipe = (t + a) / 2 + 8.

Obviously, this formula is flawed, mainly is the number eight.The formula according to the person's body length, arm length, and a modifier (figure 8) to obtain the total length of pipe, thinking this right, but obviously, different shape the modifier is supposed to be different, a simple fixed value of 8: of course not persuasive.There are using this formula, providing a basis for beginners, it is helpless.Beginners can start, as cycling experience and communication, according to their own situation to adjust.

At this point, solved a big problem, but it's not all.On the total tube length was determined, the next step is to ponder the frame and the how to constitute a total length of tie-in problem.Also related to the way of cycling.The combination of long to short frame, make the center of gravity forward relatively, to climb, especially help to climb steep hills pin head, prevents the front wheel camber, but at the same time reduces the downhill performance.Short to long frame combination is just the opposite.

The key for successful, however, in terms of XC, in climbing, sprint and downhill skills rather than a flat road, so long to stand still.For amateurs, we need a point of compromise can juggle uphill and downhill.What is the length?Reference to a data: 100-125 - mm, the length is suitable in this range.

As to the vertical Angle, according to your need to cushion the height difference to choose.For starters, you can take the seat cushion and the transferred to the same height, according to their own needs and flexible body slowly after adjustment.Don't like professional driver immediately turn the handlebars very low.You can't eat hot bean curd, take your time!Through the ring gasket has been unable to cut immediately, can be put stand against, it also can reduce some distance, of course, the premise is the vertical Angle

Level is zero, but also can pack!These questions is determined, the frame of the TT value range also can settle.Frame, the stand, both joint to choose together.

3. The crank length

To be honest, for I know not many crank length, only know height (leg length) with long point of the crank, a short (short legs) with shorter crank, frequency of drivers can also choose shorter crank.Although there are many formula, according to the span length (leg length) determine the appropriate crank length, but the meaning is not big, because in the home, can buy products are basic up to 170 ~ 175 mm, within the scope of the choice is very small.

So, one high friends can try 175 crank, general friend begin from 170, according to their own situation after (frequency/power) to adjust.But a short short (leg) friend, try long crank or be careful, because long crank, can make knee bends degree is too big, I'm afraid after a long time.

4. The seat cushion

As the saying goes: a longitudinal a penny a points goods ", but the choice of this mat, this sentence is useless, your seat is not suitable for, cheap seat not necessarily bad.No way, who let our ass is different?So, choose the seat cushion is best to try to ride on the spot, no conditions only tested a lot.

Although there is no good way to help pick, but not so relax the requirement of seat cushion.Due to the particularity of seat cushion, for a long time, has always been a bike opponents blame, although some confusing, but also from the side illustrates the inappropriate cushion may be consequences.For starters, when choosing cushion should pay attention to, don't blindly to comfortable standard.Comfortable often and efficiency is inversely proportional, sometimes run counter to the health,

What is called a longitudinal prosperity, die '.Start can choose medium hardness, medium width of seat cushion, may be uncomfortable at first, but said earlier that people are resilient animals, after a period of time may be adapted to the.Have experience later according to your own situation, choose a more suitable seat cushion.

5. The pedal

Content is not a lot of pedals, attention should be paid to the correct boot 臵, the forefoot to push, rather than a foot.As for some, with arch cadence helps to massage acupuncture points, such as related to preserve one's health, here talking about sports, is different.Conditional use a dedicated cycling shoes, this kind of sole is hard, for power transmission, don't wear shoes sole is too soft to ride a bicycle.Pedal regular pedals and self-locking pedals, self-locking pedals match special cycling shoes is needed to use.

For beginners would self-locking, is to need courage;But the advantages of self-locking and less attractive, especially beginners can calibration unreasonable cadence habit.To this end, the compromise solution is to use dual pedal, a side that is lock no, both are two kinds of needs, is suitable for entry, certainly will loss some performance.Fortunately, the foot is not too expensive, can choose a more professional foot after skilled.

6. Handlebar

There are two kinds of handlebar, straight and yan.Because of XC is given priority to with climbing, so the more widely used, use the yan also much smaller Angle of xiaoyan.Of course, we amateurs doesn't have to copy the practice of professional game, this can choose according to his be fond of, a handlebar under different conditions and feel more difference between the two, choose the right.Handlebar has length.Generally speaking, the narrow car is easy, but a poor control;The width of the reverse.Don't look at the

Beauty professional riders big burly, often also standard handlebar was too wide, truncated, both sides also mount the vice, mostly with XC climbing has much to do.And, of course, so to speak, don't go cut the beginners to follow suit, we need to compromise, but also the standard width of the handlebar is enough to use, no need to deliberately to find longer handlebars.In addition, if you can, try to mount the vice, it can give you great help in the hills, fall down when can also play a protective role.For starters, there's no need to too dispute on weight.

7. The fork

Front fork in a XC, is one of the science and technology content is one of the best parts, status is very important.Here for specific technical details do not discuss or size around this topic to narrative.When manufacturers to make the frame frame, corresponds to the frame of the geometry size (can see frame part that a geometric figure), the length of the front fork is a constant.Here refers to the length of the front fork fork shoulder to the wheel axis distance, namely the axle in English to the distance of the race.We know the size of the frame have different, but there is no front fork, just one size.So the change of the front fork length, affects all of the frame.

Brands the Angle of the frame is basically consistent, because this is the result of scientific research, manufacturers themselves not fabricated at random, such as the Angle of the riser, 73, 71 head tube Angle, etc., different size of the frame can be floating up and down.In order to maintain the frame this Angle, the length of the front fork is not too long and too short.But since the suspension is to change the length of the front fork, coupled with the existence of the sag (preloading) (i.e. when and when people sit on the length of the front fork is different, the influence of different weight length are different), so the length of the front fork is not easy to get a fixed value, but should range between 44 and 46 cm, buoyancy is not too big.Corresponding to a specific XC fork, basically be the journey is about 80 products, such as Rockshox sid,

Fox 80 series and so on.

Many people prefer big trip of front fork, indeed, long stroke can improve our ability to pass, downhill and more fun.But big problem is the frame of fork brought the change of the Angle and the increase of the height of the first, which reduces the climbing performance.This is why in climbing XC game, use all the short stroke the front fork.We amateurs, of course, not necessarily will follow this standard, can use longer product appropriately, but not too outrageous.



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