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eBike Maintenance

To get the longest life possible out of your eBike you can take some simple steps to maintain it yourself, without regular trips to the dealer. Here are some general cycle tips to help you along 

– Keep your eBike clean. It's best to clean your eBike right after riding it. This way, any dirt will still be moist and easy to remove.

Before cleaning (as well as before doing any work on your eBike), always remove the battery. Clean the plug pole mounted on the frame.

When cleaning your eBike, it's best to use water, a sponge and soft brush. An extra tip: You'll reach all the nooks and crannies of your eBike's frame with a small sponge or one cut in half.

Cleaning the wheels: It's best to always clean the wheels from the hub outwards to the rims, and then rinse thoroughly with water.

– Use a decent chain oil to keep the chain lubricated after cleaning, make sure it isn’t left dry. Wet lube in the winter and dry lube in the summer. (Wet lube stays wet, dry lube dries).

– You can lube the cables with light spray oil, preferably one that dries and leaves a PTFE layer. If using lubricant that stays wet, on your next outing dust can stick to this causing more problems and can cause cable to seize. (With PTFE it will dry but leave a lubricating layer).

– When the bike is not in use try to keep it in a dry place out of the elements.

– Keep the tyres properly inflated. This will prevent uneven tyre wear. It will also make your life easier as the bike will roll with less resistance. In turn the motor is working less and the range is extended. This can make more of a difference than you may think. (Tyre pressures are always printed on the side of your tyre).

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