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Electric bicycle

The concept of electric bicycle

We know that electric bikeselectric bicycle(hereinafter referred to as the electric vehicle) is a battery as auxiliary energy, has two wheels, can realize human riding, electric or electric power-assist function of special bike.Models for electric bicyclesTD(special bicycle types of electric bicycle class) number.Although it with ordinary bicycle appearance characteristics (even with motorcycle appearance characteristics), but the main is that it is on the basis of ordinary bicycles, installation of the motor, controller, battery, and turn the brake the control parts and display instrument system of mechanical and electrical integration of personal transport.

The category of the electric bicycle

1, common structure of electric bicycle

Most of the electric bicycle is a hub motor direct drive the front wheel or rear wheel rotation.These according to different output speed, the wheel hub motor respectively with different wheels, wheel diameter, used to drive the vehicle driving speed can reach20km/h.Although the modelling of electric vehicles and battery installation position is not the same, but its drive and control principle in common.This kind of electric bicycle is the mainstream of the current electric products.

2, the special structure of electric bicycle

A small amount of electric vehicle driven by the wheel hub motor.These vehicles use hanging side or columnar motor, type of motor, friction wheel.Generally adopt the motor drive electric vehicle, the vehicle weight will be reduced, the motor efficiency lower efficiency than wheel type.Under the condition of the same battery energy, the use of the motor vehicle typically than wheel type vehicle line continuation range reduced5% - 10%.

The composition of electric bicycle

1, chargers

Charger is for battery supplementary power device, generally two stages charging mode and the three phase two.Two-phase charging mode: first constant voltage charging, charging current as the rise of the battery voltage decreases gradually, such as battery after added to a certain extent, the battery voltage to the setpoint of the charger, the conversion to ask a trickle charge.At the start of the three-stage charging modes: charge, constant current charge first, quickly to the battery energy;Such as battery voltage up to constant voltage charging, battery energy slowly added at this time, the battery voltage continues to rise;Reach a charger of the termination voltage value, converted to a trickle charging, in order to maintain the battery and the self-discharge of the battery supply current.

2, battery

The accessory energy battery is to provide electric energy, electric cars mainly USES the combination of lead-acid batteries at present.Nimh battery and lithium ion battery also has some light foldable electric vehicle, it came into use.

Use tip: loop controller for electric main control board owners, with large working current, have a large quantity of heat.As a result, electric cars do not park in the sunlight, also don't get wet in the rain for a long time, so as to avoid controller is out of order.

3, the controller,

Controller is to control the motor speed, also is the core of the electric car electric system, has under voltage, current limiting or over-current protection function.Intelligent controller also has a variety of cycling self-check function model and vehicle electrical components.The controller is of various electric energy management and control the core component of signal processing.

4And turn, brake handle, power sensor

Turn the brake, power sensor is the controller of the signal input part.Turn signals is electric brake speed.Brake when the signal is when the electric brake, brake handle internal electronic circuit output to the controller of an electrical signal;After controller receives the signal, will cut off the power supply of motor, so as to realize the brake power function.Power sensor is when electric cars in dynamical state is test ride back to pedal force and speed signal of the device.Controller according to the electric power, in order to reach manpower and electric power automatic matching, common drive electric vehicles.

5, motor

Motor is the battery power convert mechanical energy, drive electric wheel rotating parts.Motor used in electric vehicle, the mechanical structure, speed range and there are many kinds of electricity form.Common are: brush brush gear hub motor, no gear hub motor, brushless gearless hub motor, brushless gear hub motor, side to hang and so on.

Use tip: when charging.Keep the charger well ventilated.If the charging process smelling or charger shell temperature is too high, please immediately stop charging, inspection, processing.

6, lamps and lanterns, instrument

Lamps and lanterns, instrument is to provide lighting and display the state of the electric parts.Instrumentation generally provide battery voltage display, vehicle speed, riding state display, lamps and lanterns state, etc.Intelligent instrument can also display failure condition of the vehicle electrical components.

Electric bicycle common sense of choose and buy

1, choose brand.Pay attention to the choice of high-profile brand, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.

2, pick cars.Different models, the security and performance difference is bigger.The suggestion of choose and buy of simple and easy, portable.

3And see the appearance.Pay attention to the gloss, bright and clean, pay attention to the welding, painting, plating quality.

4, looking for a feeling.Try to ride, feel the starting, acceleration of the vehicle, driving is smooth and manipulation of the vehicle is comfortable, the brakes checked firmness, handlebars flexibility, wheel activity.

5And check procedure.Check the production license, instruction manual, certificate is valid, complete, check whether the accessory accessories is complete.Pay special attention to whether for local approved the registration of the models.

6And the configuration.Related important components, such as battery, motor, charger, controller, tires, brake handle, such as whether it is brand products.Brushless motor had better choose.

Electric bicycle correct use and maintenance of common sense

1, electric bicycles should be adjusted before use saddle and handlebar height, to ensure the comfort of riding, relieve fatigue.Saddle and handlebar height should vary from person to person, usually the height of the saddle for the rider to reliable landing on one foot for appropriate (the vehicle should be the basic upright), the height of the handlebars to rider forearm flat, shoulder and arm relaxed as appropriate.But the adjustment of the saddle and handlebar should first ensure tube and the insertion depth must be higher than the safety sign of the stand pipe line.

2, electric bicycle before use, should check and adjust the brake before and after.Before the brake controlled by the right brake, the rear brake is controlled by the left brake.About brake before and after the adjustment to the brake handle their half of the trip to reliable braking is suitable;Brake skin excessive wear, to timely replacement.

3, electric bicycle before shall check the firmness of the chain.Chain too tight pedal bike in arduous, too loose is easy to vibrate, brush touch other parts.The chain of sag1-2mmIs suitable, general need not pedal cycling can tighten appropriately.Chain adjustment, loosen the rear nut first, through the uniform precession spin out around the chain screw, adjust the chain firmness, retighten good rear wheel nut.

4, electric bicycle before use should check the lubrication condition of the chain.Handle and observe whether chain chain axis rotation is flexible, link corrosion is serious.If corrosion or rotation is not flexible, should include a moderate amount of lubricating oil, serious should replace the chain.

5Before, electric bicycle, should check the tire pressure, handlebar front and rear wheels steering flexibility, rotational flexibility, circuit, battery power, motor working condition and lights, horn, fasteners, such as whether meet the use requirement.

1) tire pressure is insufficient, will increase the friction, tires and the road so as to shorten the line continuation mileage;Will cause the handlebar rotation flexibility is reduced, affect the ride comfort and safety.When air pressure is insufficient, should timely supply air pressure, tire pressure should be in accordance with the recommended air pressure in the electric bicycle operation instruction handbook "or tire air pressure on the surface of the regulations.

2) handlebar rotation is not flexible, binding, frozen point or point, should be timely lubrication or adjustment.Lubrication generally use butter, calcium or lithium grease;Adjust, loosen the front fork lock mother first, rotating block on the front fork, when met the requirement of the handlebar rotation flexibility, lock front fork lock the mother.

3Front and rear wheels) rotation flexibility is bad, will increase the rotational friction, increase power consumption, thus reduce line continuation mileage.Therefore, once appear, fault should be timely lubrication and maintenance, lubrication generally use butter, calcium or lithium grease;If skin is axis fault, can replace the steel ball or shaft, if the fault is the generator shall be to the professional maintenance unit maintenance.

4) circuit inspection, open the power switch, check whether the circuit is open, splice piece whether insurance tube plug firm and reliable work is normal, especially the battery output terminals and cable connection is solid and reliable.Find fault should be ruled out in time.

5) before a trip, you should check the battery power, according to the travel mileage whether battery power enough.If the battery is not enough, should be properly supplemented by human riding, avoid battery undervoltage. 6) before a trip should also check the working condition of motor.Starting motor and adjust its speed to observe and listen to, if there are any abnormal phenomenon, should be timely maintenance.

6) electric bicycle should check before use lights, horn, etc., especially at night.Beam headlights should be bright, the general should fall in front of a car5-10The scope of meters;Trumpet sound should be loud and clear, not hoarse;Lights should be flashing, steering instructions is normal, normal lights flicker frequency is75-75.time/Minutes;The instrument shows should be normal.

7) before a trip should check whether the major fasteners fastening, such as the horizontal pipe, the riser, saddle, saddle tube, the front wheel, rear wheel, axis, lock, pedal and other fasteners should not be loose, if appear fasteners loose or fall off, should tighten or replace in a timely manner.The recommended torque, various fasteners, as a general rule, be: the horizontal pipe, the riser, saddle, saddle tube, front wheel and pedal18N.m, the mother and the rear wheel for axial lock30N.m

6, electric bicycles, try not to use the zero starting (i.e., in situ starting), especially in weight and upgrade should be banned.When starting, should use human first ride, when reaching a certain speed and then converted to electric drive, or use electric power-assist drive directly.This is because when starting, the motor must first overcome frictional force, the current is bigger, close to even reach turn resistance current, to make the battery current work, accelerate the damage of the accumulator.

7, use as far as possible when the electric bicycle riding human power-assist or electric power-assist way, especially uphill, load, the wind road or the road bumps at ordinary times must not human riding.In this way, can avoid longer large current discharge battery, damage to the battery, to improve the line continuation of one time charge mileage, prolong the service life of the battery.

8And electric bicycle is not adapt to the rough or slope is too steep (general or less8The path of °).In case of such roads, should slow driving and pushing the car.Under this kind of pavement, motor, controller, battery and so on the work environment is bad, will reduce the service life and easy to damage.

9Drive, electric bicycle, avoid frequent braking and starting, braking before or at the same time should be speed turn to return, as far as possible in the area of road support using human riding.In this way, can avoid the large current when starting, the damage to the battery.

10, standard capacity for electric bikes75Kg, should try to avoid overload.If the overload, human riding, manpower to help move way should be used.

11Use electric bicycles, cold weather, should as far as possible human power-assist or electric power-assist;And should also pay attention to battery power and voltage instructions, generally when the weather is cold, should be properly reduce the depth of discharge of battery, state of pressure must not owe.This is because, when the weather is cold storage battery charged capacity, discharge capacity are reduced.

12, electric bicycles are not afraid of rain and snow.Involved, however, when the water level of no more than electric wheel hub bearing along, to prevent damage to motor into the water.Rain and snow day after riding, should wipe clean as soon as possible;If the electric parts of flooding, also should use hair dryer to dry it.So as not to cause iron corrosion and leakage circuit, short circuit fault, etc.

13Cycling, rain and snow day, speed should be properly reduced, brake attention to increase the braking distance, prevent the sideslip and turn around, so as not to endanger personal safety.

14, electric bicycle should avoid exposure to the sun for a long time, storage should be placed in the shade.Sun exposure will accelerate the paint, plastic parts, rubber parts and electronic components ageing, reduce its service life and reliability. 15, supporting or manufacturer to specify model should be used when the battery charger, do not mix;When charging, battery and charger should be located in ventilation shade, placed safely, stay away from flammable and explosive, avoid high temperature, damp and water spray, banned items cover, prohibit infants.When charging, should first confirm the grid voltage and frequency conforms to the requirement of the charger, then connect the battery and charger output terminal, the charger input terminal connected to the grid;Charging is completed, switch off power grid connection to disconnect the charger and the battery connection.General need lead-acid battery charging6-8 -Hours.

15, reach undervoltage state should stop using the battery, and charging as early as possible, banning the use of the recovery voltage of battery, battery deep discharge and discharge, along with the best filling, make it always in a state of abundance electric.Suggest at least charge once a day.

16, battery should be placed in a cold store, where the air humidity is moderate, the battery should be upright;Long time storage should be adequate electricity and should supplement the juice regularly, generally charge once a month.Lead-acid battery for a long time storage, can be loaded with a few drops of distilled water, to offset the moisture evaporation, reduce the plate vulcanizing.

17, first time to use electric bikes should be carefully read the operation instruction handbook ", to understand the performance of the electric bicycle.Don't lend not manipulate electric bicycle riding.

18, mental illness, alcoholism and other inappropriate riding the disabled forbids the use of electric bicycle;Heart disease, epilepsy and condition should be careful when riding.

19, electric bicycle, non-motor vehicles, should follow the traffic rules, when riding on the driveway non-motor vehicle lanes or local regulations.

20, electric bicycle should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place, away from the corrosive liquid and gas;Vehicle to be stored when erect, tire pressure is enough;On the body do not load weight;And the battery should be kept apart.

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