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Historical Development of bicycle helmets Material

Bicycle helmets appear not only to protect the rider's safety, but also improve the racing athletes. In the early 1880s a number of high-wheeled riding club who first discovered the benefits of helmet use. Analysis of Tianjin Bicycle Company based on information learned that, with hard stone and asphalt road increased, head injuries while bicycling accidents also increased, made of pith helmet was born.

Wood pulp is capable of absorbing the impact force cushioning material, but this soon gives way to a helmet can be filled with design leather surface, this design continued until the 1970s. This helmet was originally called "hairnet", because it has had a long leather filler strips and like a net over the head. this helmet is very attractive, which has a soft quality leather wrapped foam filler. Although this helmet can really protect the fall of the rider's ears are not rubbing the ground injured or bruised. but it is regrettable that it's less anti-impact performance.

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