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How to collocation Bike clothing professional a

How to collocation  Bike clothing professional articles

Believe that all ready to advanced level "players" cyclists have had such experience;Riding clothes with you always feel so don't take your car, long-distance riding ass pain, not only is it worse legs broken skin "burn Dang" occur!When you actually have in Syria, general leisure bike suits have been unable to meet your needs;All you need is for protection of long-distance riding, special wind tunnel clipping and fast perspiration drying function of professional car service!

Early bike clothing, in addition to the material progress compared with modern all have one thing in common;Are using close-fitting clipping.A close-fitting clothing when riding a bike can not only reduce the wind resistance, long car pants also not involved in tooth disk according to take a risk;In addition the application of elastic material such as: Lycra (Lycra) not only let ride outside the trousers don't roll up, tight material can decrease muscle fatigue;Tight clipping let many people find it hard to accept at first, the biggest reason is not uncomfortable ~ but tight

Too close, the body curve is too obvious;But we believe that the curve of riding bikes must will only make you more and more obvious - is this what you would like to see is not?In order to let all the wind resistance coefficient to a minimum;Bicycle of professional athletes wear clothing or even through the wind tunnel test!All the reason, of course, is to the field of that in just a few seconds;Is this a few seconds to win is the key!So the choose and buy is fit bike clothing, is an advantage.Total professional cycling clothing class subdivision is more, the pattern more similar to drivers can be used in accordance with the occasion, the weather, and even in the mood to to match.

Cycling jacket

Material to be moisture absorption perspiration and quick drying, chest zipper is divided into open and half open,

All open besides good wear off, at a higher intensity riding conditions can be more large areas of ventilation and cooling;But also add many relative wind group.Behind must have a pocket to put 臵 maintenance, supplies supplies, and reflective material, zipper head smooth, female proprietary clipping are focus of choose and buy., of course, the car LOGO can also be in accordance with the preferences on the garment label, team, parts brand to choose.Short sleeve cycling wear:

Spread effect of clothing material.Basic recreational money in addition to the color is pure;A normal sweat effect, such as riding intense moisture absorption perspiration effect may couldn't keep up with the body's sweat speed;So the leisure style suitable for low intensity of riding.Professional in addition to basic moisture absorption perspiration, especially for large amount of sweat body parts, such as: back and armpit adopt more bird 's-eye ventilate cloth, used to achieve a faster drying.Cool Max utilization of material also let professional car garment price is more and more "advanced"!

But the dry and comfortable to wear will definitely let you fondle admiringly, drivers is definitely worth the investment.

Long sleeve clothing car:

In addition to like the short sleeve cycling wear sweat function, thicker material can increase the effect of warm during the day is cold.

And downhill riders wear long sleeve clothing can not only reduce the skin exposed opportunity, better take off protective devices;Some teams design series car service in addition to the model with short sleeves, long sleeve clothing also with the design and color are available.

Bicycle car pants

Wearing tight cycling pants not only can let the ride to pedalling, car pants pads in addition to increasing comfort;More can avoid friction, inner thighs and cushion pad is the choose and buy of car pants;Quick drying, good liner should have perspiration coated strong sex and not hot, certainly can have the 3 d stereo clipping is best.Often see cyclists in order to avoid a bicycle pants that "tight" and deliberately choose a big size car pants wearing;Results the waistband has been off, ride a sewing keep up...Visual points are also many (feel haven't ride a bike to lose step);Tight trousers but poor ductility car can reach protect muscle function, can decrease muscle soreness and ride tired feeling.

Basic points: car pants short car pants, 7 minutes of pants and long pants three car, terminology is said: 1/4 cycling pants, 1/2 cycling pants, 3/4 bike pants.

Drivers can depend on the weather conditions (temperature) and riding route selection to wear:

Such as high altitude motocross riding, car long pants of car is superior to short pants;Because the mountain climate, the temperature change is big, long car trunks of sweat and quick-drying functions plus clothing can effectively avoid hypothermia occurs (such as rest can be put on a sweat pants would be much warmer).

In addition to afraid of tanning friends, summer wear long pants of car is pretty sad....

Car and short pants are designed for women's professional, besides appearance color choice is relatively soft, better lining design conforms to the female physiological structure, caring little design and selection of key;Such as silica gel waistband design in addition to make feel better, can avoid more traditional suture trench discomfort!This is only the women unique designs!

On the market and the leisure pants pants model and professional SanTie car;Casual pants model car pants with gasket, and look the same as the general sports shorts, scope of application in addition to cars and SanTie less fit, almost any cycling can wear;Like free bicycle players can consider to buy, but price and professional car pants very much the same.But both road running, swimming, and bicycle SanTie car pants...Close to the appearance of the "bikini", there is no body of "iron man" but wear it!And its position is clear, general except the triathlon movement is unable to be applied to other areas.

Mix building a style

General juyou high professional cycling clothing prices, it is difficult to have all series car service;Have a few basic car with short sleeves pajamas in addition to professional event can cope with occasions, attach other accessories can be changed into different riding style!The most commonly collocation have the following accessories ¨

Black car pants:

Regardless of the cycling wear coat, a black car pants can successfully match!

Not only can reduce the cost of the purchase of a complete set of, suit pants collocation also is not like black pants.

Hood: helmet again tie-in scarf can not only help absorb sweat, when the day is cold scarf can increase more head warm!

Cuff: hot and cold weather is most suitable for use takes, and have a sweat, quick drying and sunscreen function.

Shorts: wear bike pants outside again set a casual shorts have sweat fast liver function (much better) not only to avoid embarrassment, free access to the occasion also solve general recreational shorts no liner small faults.

Socks: cycling socks is the most attractive is its superior sweat,

Socks body Logo embroidery and color, of course, also can be in accordance with the car color and even clothing type, brand and so on to pull!

Vest: main function for the wind, but the back was breathable material help large sweat;Professional is more of a complete set of cycling clothing integral collocation.

6. Riding hood of the method

Seamlessly scarf is the most popular outdoor tire equipment this year.A small cloth, through the magic of method, different kinds of effects, with innovative personality with young people, because simple, so wonderful.So it's fashion and practicality makes pu a listing is popular with young people.

Performance: 1, at least have more than ten kinds of different method, transform the different effects that can be used as a headband, scarf, headband, dust cover, no eaves round cap, hoods, wristbands...2, the unique design of seamless products without annoying seam and hemming, better elasticity.3, windproof, breathable, absorb sweat, quick-drying, and soft.4, machine washable, do not fade, no ironing.Let's start with a longitudinal head ', see headscarf can conjure up what kind of magic in our body to...

1. The scarf is the most primitive, set on the head.The back part lop can also make a knot.

2. The turban you can like the islamic women their hair up, feel mysterious.

3. The course will head scarf, set on the ear and qi mei, part will be more straight, and a few turns, opened the bag on his head.Double course made, like the landlord landlord.^ ^ winter is warm, oh.

Into double 4. Wearing the headscarf and set on his head, pull the hair out.Head band width can be adjusted.

5. Rope with a head scarf round her hair tied up, as long as his ponytail will this oh.

6. Pirates hat fold, dig out, seems to be some complex operations, you can be just as handsome and pirates of the Caribbean

7. Wind cap with a scarf from the beginning to the face of all wrapped up only your eyes, breathe freely and sand, desert, windy day or ski resorts are very effective.

8. The helmet liner ride or rock climbing, wear a helmet and the feeling of sweating but is bad, do lining tied turbans on their heads, all problems are solved

9. Patch unless you walk alone the world, go out to travel no matter the distance always groups, two people share a room is the most common thing.If you used to go to bed early, but also embarrassed Regular sleep late roommate to turn off the lights.Put the turban around around the eyes, became a temporary patch, also sent the big use.

10. Bib set around the neck, you're done.Appearance is very cool, snow also don't come in.Beauty is not frozen.

11. Masks on the basis of the characters, it is ok to pull the scarf under the eyes, ears and package


12. Two wristbands will be third circle around on your wrist, scarf and it has played a buffer and then the effect of the wristbands.Especially no second hand, with a turban around her wrist smartly rubs on the face, sweat was running.

13. Wristbands hotties like to dress up as personality attention, this is a way to attract eyeball good oh.

Will represent their individuality scarf wrapped around the arm, modelling feels dye-in-the-wood, but also does not affect the movement.

14. This is needless to say that wipe a bosom, shape good MM can take it when the waistcoat, stretch and dye-in-the-wood colorful patterns, absolute sexy.Of course want to funny boys wear, also made fruit 'real smile.

15. To protect the waist Suddenly cold cause old waist pain, with scarf set on the waist to keep warm is a great emergency measures, can also according to the degree of warmth toward with socks tissues such as filler.This law also applies to the joint parts easy to cold.

16. A short skirt This method is the emergency measures, body shape is not try.But someone with two heads, respectively, set up and down in used as bathing suits, seems to be the effect also can also oh.

17. Gloves for supplies Walk in the mud or lush mountains, often need to hands and feet and climbing.Palm old dirty or close contact with the worm is not very good taste.The wrist scarf down a circle around the palm, wrapped in perfect after, dry and comfortable feeling is very good.

18. Plastic packaging bag pack enough, will play a knot, heads a head of a good cloth bag came out, and the pocket scale easily, can be in crazy things oh.Knot in clothes, put on the other side, is also a very good pillow.

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