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how to maintain the mountain bicycle

how to maintain the mountain  bicycle

Remember you are riding your new car, excitement of sprint in the street;Whether you sit in the home, was thinking of riding, but found your car, the performance is no longer as on that day, its brake is no longer so sensitive, its variable speed performance is no longer so smooth, ride it, everywhere has the creaky voice;If you've ever found in the wild, cannot continue to ride your car, make you must walk 20 kilometers of road, push the car back home.For the bicycle users, unless you have the money to every time the car out of the question, will lost it, and buy a new car, or bike maintenance and repairs is inevitable;On the other hand, maintain a good car, on the chance of getting malfunction, is bound to be reduced.Presented in this bicycle maintenance technology, are usually used, and can be DIY (Do It  Yourself).General maintenance of bicycle, can be divided into the following kinds: normal riding use;Short-term (a week or ten days) regular maintenance;The middle (one or two months) regular maintenance;For a long time (six months or a year) regular maintenance;Field emergency repair here as divided according to the time, is a daily to a week

Cycling the use of two or more conditions to points, if you make a bike ride with low frequency, or use your bike is very frequently, you can adjust and medium-term time slightly, to suit different riding conditions.

Tools that

So-called wants to do a good job, must first sharpen his, must carry on the maintenance of bicycle, it is necessary to use the right tools, if using inappropriate tools, may cause difficulties in work, even bicycle parts damage, so the following for general maintenance required to use the tools of an introduction.Necessary basic tools

Adjustable wrench or open end wrench: general could purchase, hardware stores open end wrench it's convenient to use, but must pay attention to when buying more generally used bike for metric bolt;But there is a monkey wrench, on a lot of work is a must.

Allen wrench: general hardware line can be bought, pay attention to general use are in metric.Screwdriver: there is a word with cross two kinds, hardware can be purchased.

Use when disassembling tyres rod: remove the outer cover, but in the bike shop.

Tire rubber and tire repair piece: tire to use, can be purchased in the store.

Chain device: remove the chain use.

Wire wrench: adjust the wheel rim steel wire .

Lubricating oil: is not a kind of tool, but as he is to maintain the necessary, to prepare butter oil, chains, and three kinds of lubrication oil in general.

Special tools (not necessary, but has the best)

Socket wrench: used to remove the crank bolt fixed, usually for 14 mm or 15 mm.Crank puller: used to remove the crank or big tooth plate.

The chain wrench: USES the sprocket decomposition of the flywheel.

Flywheel puller: flywheel will be removed using a different brand of the flywheel must use different puller.Flower drum wrench: open end wrench for thin sheet, used to decompose the flower drum shaft and bearing, generally for 13 mm to 16 mm.

Front fork bowl wrench: thin slice open end wrench, adjust the front fork bowl used for loading and unloading, in accordance with different sizes and have different front fork bowl.

Rubber hammer: used to knock the jammed parts, so that it is loose.

Wire cutters: jaw assumes the circular arc form, cut inside does not disperse.

BB tool group: used to remove the adjustment of identity, in accordance with the different forms of identity and has different forms.

Workbench: used to bike set up for repairs.

Adjusting the wheel frame, wheel rim steel wire tension.

The third hand tools: used to clamp the brake skin, very convenient when adjust the brakes.

Wash stopper: clean the chain use very convenient.

Use normal riding

Use normal riding is not in need of any technology, but it is in the maintenance of the bicycle, one of the most important and the most basic, before riding the bike to check the cars, it is very important, also is often forgotten, so in front of the bike, remember to do the following check:

Check the riding position size: if you are not to belong to own of cycling, remember in front of the bike seat cushion will be dispatched to the appropriate level.

Check each part screw tightness: check whether the front and back and seat cushion pole quick release locking, check whether the driver has been fixed, if other screws are loose.

Check tire: check whether the tire pressure is enough, enough to play to the appropriate pressure, check tire wall cracks, whether cut tire has been shallow, it must be replaced if necessary tyres.Check the brakes: try before and after the brake, check whether the brake brake can indeed.

Check the front fork bowl: before put the brakes on the brake, moved to the front and rear, if you have felt the shaking of clearance, said front fork bowl must be readjusted.

Check transmission: try to respectively after the start variable speed before and after shifting, whether can smoothly to the gear speed, whether there will be a strange voice.

Short-term regular maintenance

Short-term maintenance is often, if the normal use of the bicycle, at this stage of maintenance, is fairly simple, and the maintenance to keep your car in good condition, so must not neglect.Cleaning the car, in addition to keeping your car when new car dazzling, rust cleaning the car at the same time avoid the frame, and if you are in a heavy rain, or in the muddy riding, riding should cleaning the work as soon as possible, after washing when should pay attention to the following: if the car body of the sludge is not much, or is more dust, can use the cloth to wipe clean, or with heavy hair brush to brush clean.Do not use water cannons to remove sludge of car body, although this method is very effective, but will likely be sewage into bearing, so will cause the damage of the bearing.Sludge of many cases in car body, the brush and soap water should be used after sludge wash, rush clean with clear water, then wipe with a cloth.After a clean car, remember to check whether there is the lacquer that bake spalling, steel frame will start to rust after peeling off of the lacquer that bake, aluminium alloy or carbon fiber and titanium frame will not rust, will only affect beautiful.In use after washing the car, remember to dry the chain, and oil.

Check the brake skin: will try to keep clear of the debris on the brake, in order to assure the braking force, if the mill

Consumption has been very serious, it must be updated.

Will line pipe to oil: if the brake or speed movement, bad may be outside threats of friction is too large, will be part of the perimeter by check pipe, the paint coated butter, put back in again, if such action is still bad, consider replacement pipe outside threats.

Chain: chain oil: put on oil, after about ten minutes later, will clean the oil the chain of the lateral chain as long as the part of the internal movement of oil is enough, external surplus oil will stick dust, increase clean trouble, so it's best to wipe clean.In addition, if you use the spray tank of lube oil, remember after in the oil, wipe off the drip to other parts of the oil.

Middle of regular maintenance

Your car has been to serve you a long time, should will ignore some at ordinary times more common now to do check, to keep a good condition.

Check the chain: chain elongated happens after using for a long time, the chain pitch is 0.5 inches, measured section 24 chain, length of 12 inches if its length is more than normal 1/8 inch in length, should replace the chain.

Cleaning chain: if you have a lot of sludge, the chain of internal perhaps the cleaning, cleaning chain can use the chain, or to be removed, the chain for a container full of solvent oil, after 臵 into the chain, shaking the wash and finally dry oil.

Check the flywheel and big gear disk: if after update the chain, if there is a jumping gears of the flywheel is, update the flywheel, if the big gear disk tooth abrasion, produce card chain, should also change, check the big tooth plate fixed screw, if you loose, you must lock again.

Check wheels: check near the nozzle holes and wire hole, if there is a slight crack produces, if there is crack, is to change the wheels as soon as possible, to raise the wheels, spinning wheels, observation wheel rim will mount

Brush to brake, if so, must readjust the rims.

Check wire: check the front and back of the steel wire for fracture, if has the change, change the wire must be reset after the rims, adjust the wheel rim, the direction of the deflection observation wheel rim, as to the right, then near the rim of the steel wire on the right side to relax, the left side of the lock, the left is on the contrary, rims around the deflection range should be less than 2 mm.

Check drivers: check whether the driver in the car accident happened deformation, whether in the area of the riser lock cracks, if it is, is to update the driver.

Check seat cushion and seat cushion pole: remove the seat cushion, check whether there is a deformation or crack, if not on a thin layer of butter after back, to check whether there is damage, seat cushion under the bracket are in good condition, if there is a problem to replace.

Long-term regular maintenance (topoffile)

Your car has been in use for such a long period of time, it has experienced all kinds of conditions, accompany you to the now, is to those who have been in the area of operation to the big checks.

Check flower drum: take down the front and back, check whether there is wire hole near the crack, if you have it immediately replaced, turn the flower drum shaft by hand to see, to shake up and down again, if you have felt clearance, or very loose, it will decompose, flower drum shaft will clean up the oil inside again into new butter, the flower drum axle load new combination, remember to adjust the bearing should be transferred to shaft can turn smoothly, but there will be no gap of up and down shaking.

Check in, as: remove the chain, seize the crank shaking around, if you have to shake, lock screw, if will shake, must be adjusted as the bearing;Rotate the ear to seat, crank, sound should be "call - call" very smooth voice, if you hear strong strong or other strange, says bearing damaged, as should be replaced.

Check step: remove the pedal, use 15 mm open end wrench, pay attention to the left of the pedal is left teeth, don't wrong, break pedal bearings doesn't need to adjust, but still have to check them, if you are using pedal, check their body movement is normal, and oil lubrication.Check transmission: check each parts of the transmission will shake, if so, according to the transmission of wear has been quite serious, should be replaced, if not the action part oil lubrication.

Shock maintenance: hydraulic suspension fork should be removed and replaced a new oil shock, high interest glue in the form of a check whether high interest glue for cracks or deformation, if any, the update of the stock maintenance, should be the inquire of the original purchase.

Check the frame: check all the lacquer that bake, such as corrosion state to frame perforation, it must be replaced frame, if the frame shock deformation, it should also be replaced.

Update all outside threats tube: all of the line pipe after prolonged use, wear out, it is recommended that to be replaced, in order to maintain its performance.

The field emergency repair

When you ride a bike in the field, the car fault happened, make you have to walk home, it was very disappointing thing, so to avoid this situation, riding must remember to bring the tool, don't think the accident will not happen, danger is always good.Below are common in the field of fault condition and the method of repair:

Blowout: this is often happened, blowout occurs, remove the wheels, with fetal stem remove outer cover, remove the inner tube, if have the spare tire, it can be directly set up the spare tire, if no spare tire, then need to tire, the tire to find the hole, the hole with sand paper or rough near slightly after grinding, coated with rubber tire, wait for works such as its close to half, affix tire repair piece,

Cheer to be pressed firmly, and then check whether still can leak, finally back to tyre, tube will play enough gas can.


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