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Master the correct curvature of the road bike riding grip

Cycling road car to master the basic position of the handle, easy and convenient ride. Road car currently on the market to handle broadly divided into flat and curved handles, curved design allows the rider to hold the bend when the body will go forward, the focus falls on the position of the driver's buttocks, so that the body can have a better travel between the stability; on the other hand, due to the narrow width of the curved handle, the handle can effectively reduce the impact each other surprises among the players to avoid too close, dangerous crash after crash.

Riding road bike bend to use the benefits are numerous, but it is different from the level of simple shape, so that deterred many bike riders hope for early entry. In fact, the rider is able to use the special curved shape, different bits from grip to cope with different riding conditions. Before novice, we need to know how to use these different grip, whether in flat road, and on the downhill when the brake can adopt the right way. In addition, also effective enough to eliminate the wrist, neck and shoulder fatigue parts, even if the distance is large events can easily deal with.

Zhejiang Enze Vehicle Co.,Ltd
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