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MTB prospect of the industry trends and analysis

In another metropolis in North Hollywood, bike shops, various brands of Nantucket baskets car has covered the entire surface of the wall, the owner Brad Vassar said they were more profitable part and 30% source of income is the sale of high-profit bicycle accessories. There are many like this, such as the Netherlands Bakfiets, British Pashley, Italy and Denmark Abts Biomega to innovative design as a selling point for the company. On the Seoul International Bicycle Design Competition, the players whimsy also brought more room for the bicycle accessories industry. Race, riding clothes and accessories design part relates to the helmet, rain gear, backpacks, searchlight, content control handles, etc., are required to have entries in five years can be launched commercially feasible. Contestant from Italy to resist the idea of a little bad weather, you can always open and close the hood, especially raindrops good shape conforms to the aerodynamics, and is suitable for straight beam bicycles, mountain bikes and motorcycles . There are also special seat dust rain umbrella, solar lights, and so on.

Zhejiang Enze Vehicle Co.,Ltd
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