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Reasonable charging mode can optimise the life of electric bicycle

Does it feel like your battery is draining too quickly? Learn how to use your EAB better so as to increase your battery life and travel range. The battery life of your electrical-assistance bike depends on its number of charge cycles, so it’s a good idea to optimise its use. 

To start, when you first get your bike, charge your battery for 12 full hours. What this does is make sure the current is flowing through all the cells and you’re really conditioning the battery right out of the box.

After that the next best thing you can do is use it regularly. Ride your bike a lot, use your battery often, that’s the best thing that you can do to maximize battery life!

Here are other 3 tips to make your battery last longer

1 – Moderate your speed

As the name indicates, electric assistance only provides assistance and is not a fully-powered electric bike. It kicks in when you begin to pedal, and supplements your own pedalling action. To optimise your battery life, as much as possible ride at measured, moderate speeds.

There’s no point in taking off with your electric assistance set to maximum power if you’re on flat ground or if you’ll need to put on the brakes a few metres later.

2 – Don’t use electrical assistance on flat roads

EABs are designed so that the rider pedals as they ride, and benefits from electric assistance in the difficult stretches. Do you really need electric assistance to ride on flat ground ? Once you’re moving, you won’t notice any difference ! So keep the electric assistance for starting out or when going uphill.

Besides optimising your battery life, pedalling on flat ground means exercising your body and thus enjoying the beneficial effects of cycling on your health.

3 – Regularly check your tyre pressure

It’s normal for your bike tyres to lose some pressure; a bike’s inner tubes typically lose about 1 bar per month. This loss is greater when heat causes the air in your tyres to expand and accelerates their deflation.

Riding an EAB with under-inflated tyres will reduce your battery life as your bike needs more electric assistance to match the energy required for pedalling. So the higher the pressure in your tyres, the faster you’ll go!

Remember to regularly check your tyre pressure and be sure to pump them up when needed because an under-inflated tyre is also more susceptible to punctures.

And lastly, you want to charge it about once every 3 months. That helps keep all the electrons flowing through the system and does the best to maximize the life of your battery.

In short following these few simply steps, you can really get the most out of your battery, which undoubtedly is the single most expensive component of your electric bicycle. 

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