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Shift gear ratio and common sense bicycles

Beginners often tend to see a large slope when the shift immediately, use a smaller gear ratio, which directly led to a sudden increase in the frequency, in the case of the muscles do not adapt, will immediately feel muscle fatigue, and because the gear ratio at over light, will lead to an immediate drop in speed, when other drivers see beyond the time will cause the already tired legs suddenly frequency to rise again, so long as the slope after one or two, relatively small drive will immediately appear weak, so the correct climbing gear should be cycling has traveled to the Banpo foot began to feel the pressure to rise, then at the beginning of the shift, and the range of adjustment is generally a two or three fly fly, see a specific slope to enhance the decision, which requires not only physical also requires experience in the early climbing standing pedaling can also provide greater speed, and delay the gear ratio becomes smaller, then the foot of frequencies with sufficient appropriate time.

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