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Summer riding, pay attention to the problem

Caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee, cola, chocolate and other beverages or food will increase the loss of water in urine, is not conducive to the body of water, sports drink should be avoided before and after the above drinks or food.

If you want to ride high-intensity training is best ingested 1 hour before training a lot of liquid (over 500ml), to promote gastric emptying, and maintain the water, keep the urine clear - good body hydration status symbol.

Tell me what to make deeper impression on this article and can help you develop the right habits pay, then I want to talk about the body of water with the degree of harm.

Spasms. Under most circumstances spasm can be called "cramps." Usually due to severe dehydration and electrolyte loss caused by a large number, if you are sweating a lot of people, then the situation you had convulsions than the general people's congress lot - added a sufficient amount of electrolyte and water will greatly reduce the risk of spasm .

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