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Ten useful tips mountain biking

1. deal with down the road trails just as inclined to turn, like the use of the roll body to replace the bicycle tilt, the greater the inclination of the road as the greater curvature, so that the force of the case is the same, then you know your tires on It will be like a gel-like sticky and will not slip out.

2. Avoid the road tilted downward path acceleration, before reaching, to maintain a certain speed, glide over this road; if you have to add force to come through, then it gently and smooth biased.

3. All of the body weight is applied to the pedal ramp below, you will find this technique to grab the wheel snapping effect the road is very good - even on similar terrain as well, you have to do is just stand glide on the pedal until the by far.

4. Select the middle path, avoid pressed against the top of the incline bench craftsman Zheng Locust Hans balance in jumping cycling events in the suburbs, and then become the world's most respected mountain bike knight; Hans technology, everyone can imagine the resulting pavement, from tundra to asphalt, never disappoint. Few of us have Hans intelligence, but we can follow in his footsteps go, by learning and applying skills to build a fragment, and thus be an excellent mountain bike knight.

Zhejiang Enze Vehicle Co.,Ltd
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