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The correct cycling breath

The correct cycling breath - can adjust your aerobic capacity

Old hear someone complain before: a longitudinal grade my leg not tired, is out of breath...'in fact most of the rider, not out of breath, but breathing with oxygen is not enough to replenish muscle oxygen consumption, which lead to push the slope when the symptoms of dizziness, dry mouth, better.Here can't change your physical energy, but can give prompt a thing or two from breathing method, hope everybody can reasonable to adopt.

A, healthy breathing theory

Breathing here learning can have a very big, want to discuss, study is not so easy, different movement has different characteristics of breathing.But also needs to develop some good breathing method

.(my poor respiratory system is to make the other day, now also put special emphasis on this aspect of the recovery) why should pay attention to breathing?The human and the nature of reiki point is here!Qigong things I do not understand, but I can't angry with people don't talk about everything.The same two, eat the same rice, why run a 10 km is tired of, a run hundreds of continues.Reason is that out of here, the energy conversion efficiency of the height is closely connected with breathing!Simple speaking, is only enough oxygen, to guarantee the material the most radical oxidation release energy!Muscles move the energy from ATP material stored in the muscles, but that the amount of ATP is quite small, only enough to provide the consumption of 8 seconds, when finished, will be converted to blood sugar to ATP again for the use of muscles, but there has been a problem, sufficient oxygen to no, oxygen is not enough, a lot of blood sugar will only produce relatively few ATP (there are other ways into ATP).All, reasonable way of breathing large amounts of oxygen cycling header is especially important for us.In addition, breathe in something is can irritate the alveoli.Air pollution, dust, bacteria, and so on will harm the lungs.A runny nose is a typical symptoms of respiratory tract infection.You ride the wind and the cold air straight lower respiratory tract, lung cavity, reflects some respiratory effects.Can consider to breathe through his nose to help.Don't mouth, a small mouth.Nose hair, nose filters for air, the air can also be warming.Irritation of the respiratory tract not so.

Second, the riding experience breathing

About cycling breathing are equally important.Before, I came up a like fast ride, to a certain distance is easy to appear after abdominal pain, then the conclusion is caused by breathing, some of the air outside was mixed with the stomach by.Then there was a time I give special attention to the belly to breathe not with chest, the result is much better.When riding with my mouth breathing is right, especially climbing, you couldn't come with my mouth.But it is not let everybody knows to eat breakfast

Immediately after mouth breathing air, just tell my friends if rode in the flat and can satisfy the nasal breathing normally, then without panting.And I say ping road with my mouth breathing, is down in the mouth and nose, avoid the limelight, automatic shrink under the premise of the abdomen.For uphill, need big confession oxygen, as much as possible and using nasal saliva (without equals wasted), if it is a cold day, suggest to let the body warm up before you go out.Mouth mouth naturally open, the tongue can appropriate roll-up, help to heat the gas.Breathing tips: whatever the situation, that is afraid you in to chant buddhist scripture), breathing most avoid is that there is no law.

Three, died in some longitudinal ride 'mountain symptom will disrupt your normal breathing rhythm.Climb 4000 meters height is throat swelling, tonsil swelling, heads up, is a normal phenomenon.The reason is simple: thin air, must strengthen the blood oxygen breathing.At this time, under the necessary night medicine regulate, during the day in some vaseline oil in the nasal cavity is a very effective method.More attention should be paid to warm winter will come, ride a bike.


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