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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Types Of Electric Bike

The grinding wheel drive is an early product of an Electric Bike. It is characterized by simple structure, easy to manufacture, low cost, easy maintenance. But it is very inefficient, poor shape, serious tire wear, and can not adapt to a slight slippery and muddy road conditions, so this type of transmission has been basically eliminated. Side of the jacket transmission type is also an early simple product, simple structure, easy to manufacture, low cost, used to transform the old Electric Bike is more convenient, Electric Bike but it is difficult to get a good appearance, due to the motor volume, Power and other restrictions, low efficiency, poor reliability, can not promote the application.

Electric Bike front axle transmission type As the motor mounted on the front axle, the center of gravity distribution is unreasonable, can not be light and flexible to turn the handlebar; the other in the event of magnetic tile off, will suddenly stuck in the high-speed rotation of the motor, Safety accidents, so the current manufacturers rarely use.

Electric Bike rear axle transmission type is currently used in a type of transmission, the motor and the rear axle into one, because of its position in the rear of the vehicle, the appearance of little impact, which is to change the shape, Has brought a great convenience; and then because the wheel motor has been basically achieved a professional production, reducing costs. The outer rotor and the rear axle of the motor are not very clean, the bearing seal is difficult to maintain a longer life; hollow shaft outlet hole is also difficult to be sealed. This gives the motor seal and lubrication conditions, resulting in a large disadvantage, thus shortening the life of the motor.

The center chain drive type will be relatively independent of the brush (or brushless) high-speed motor and gearbox, forward and reverse clutch, power sensors and other components into a whole, placed in the middle of the body, and then through the wheel, flywheel drive rear wheel. As the electric bike drive is located in the middle of the car body, the center of gravity is reasonable, to ensure the stability and safety of electric cycling, but also to beautify the shape to create the conditions. Reducing the space inside the box, the design can use a larger gear modulus, so that it can output greater torque, improve the starting speed and climbing ability.

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