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Bicycle Carry Approaches And Techniques

1. tickets, trolley stop, through security into the platform, and then the entrance to the car scrap, individual staff members allowed to enter from another entrance and talk about good things.

2. Remove the front and rear wheels, the shelf may not be removed, do not open the door into the car connecting carriages, put two or three is not a problem, it is best tied with a rope tie goods at the contact point between the car with a newspaper or other something soft pad bit, to avoid the car scraped between.

3. The wheels under the seat into your car, think of the time out on the station, there is no one move or sit above, in order to avoid more people to be someone sitting in turn put the car, the seat down. Rear derailleur can be protected.

4. If you have to meet the conductor replacement ticket (baggage ticket), you can say that his car is racing, not to mention much weight, 10kg can, plus journey fare is calculated according to weight. They can not go to the load.

Zhejiang Enze Vehicle Co.,Ltd
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