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Bicycle Wheel Selection Factors Need To Be Considered

A: just a simple static wheel load pointer reference, climbing for the more valuable. Generally good front hub weighs about 80-110gm, rear hub 200-270gm, each wire about 9- 12gm, wheels changed greatly, pure carbon fiber about 210-300gm (narrow frame) 280-420gm (large frame ), aluminum frame 350-500gm, steel head and aluminum weighing about 0.5g, copper 1gm. The entire set of weight between 1100-1800gm among the more common.

B: weight relative rotation (rolling weight): more important. Imagine hammer it more clearly, a one kilogram hammer, chain one meter to rotate, turn it up to the required strength, weight and chain length is proportional. The same is true the wheel, but the wheel weight distribution is not as simple as hammer, wire, wheels distributed from the inside out there, but with wheels and tires, the largest proportion, its outermost position, weight highest. Rotate almost without regard to the weight of the hub.

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