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Electric Assisted Folding Bicycles Components

Electric Assisted Folding Bicycles is an innovative electric bike, the design concept stems from the old front wheel large rear wheel small bike, giving a unique feeling. Rider can sit straight body, put his hand on the side of the side of the rudder, finger operation accelerator and brake, and feet firmly on the footstool, the maximum speed of up to 12 miles per hour (about 20 kilometers per hour). Riders do not need to strenuous pedal, so save a lot of physical strength. YikeBike weighs about 20 pounds (about 9 kg), using lithium phosphate battery, can be filled with 80% of electricity in 20 minutes. Electric Assisted Folding Bicycles is a new type of electric car that combines the advantages of folding bicycles and electric bikes. According to plan, the first 100 YikeBike will be in 2010 to do well in New Zealand and the United Kingdom and some other European countries on the road to prepare.

1, Electric Assisted Folding Bicycles the frame components: frame is the most basic composition of the bike

The structure, but also the skeleton of the bike and the main body, the other components are installed directly or indirectly on the frame.

There are many forms of frame components, but according to the use of the crowd can be divided into two types of men's frame and women's frame.

The frame is generally made of ordinary carbon brass after welding, combination. In order to reduce the weight and improve the strength of the more expensive bicycles using aluminum alloy tube manufacturing. In order to reduce the resistance of rapid driving, and some bicycles also use streamlined steel pipe.

As the bike is to rely on the body's own driving force and cycling skills and driving, the frame will be able to bear the impact of cycling in the driving load and whether the comfort and safe delivery of the human body an important structure, frame parts manufacturing accuracy The pros and cons will directly affect the ride of the security, smooth, light and speed. In general, the spokes are equidistant, and in order to reduce the gravity, there are also made of both ends of the large, the middle of a small variable spoke, and in order to reduce the air resistance will be made into a flat streamlined spokes.

2, tires: tires on the pattern is to increase the friction with the ground. According to the side of the hard and soft can be divided into sub-soft side tires and hard side tires two. Soft side cross section is wide, can all wrapped in the inner tube, the ground area is relatively large, strong grip, tire width is particularly wide, deep pattern is also suitable for cross-country mountain, can be suitable for a variety of road driving, similar to mountain bike. Hard side tires light weight, small footprint, less grip, tire width is narrow, the pattern is also shallow to adapt to the road to use, but with a small resistance, driving light and other advantages, suitable for driving on a flat road, similar to the road car.

3, Electric Assisted Folding Bicycles pedal: pedal assembly in the shaft part of the left and right crank, is a flat power into a rotating force of the device, the bike riding, the pedal force first passed to the pedal parts, and then by the pedal axis Crank, shaft, chain flywheel, so that the rear wheel rotation, so that the bike forward. So the pedal parts of the structure and specifications are appropriate, will directly affect the cyclist's foot position is appropriate, the bike can drive smoothly. So the foot must have a foot tread, must be safe and reliable, with a certain non-slip performance, you can use rubber, plastic or metal materials.

4, the front fork components: fork in the bicycle structure in front of the position, and its upper end connected with the handlebar parts, frame components and the front tube with the lower end of the front axle components with the composition of the bicycle guide system.

Turn the handlebar and fork, you can make the front wheel change direction, played a bike-oriented role.

The force of the fork member is of the cantilever, so the front fork component must have sufficient strength and the like.

5, chain: chain, also known as car chain, roller chain, link sprocket and flywheel. Its role is to foot force from the crank, sprocket to flywheel and rear wheels

On, driving the bike after the rotation, thus providing power forward.

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