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Electric Bike Battery Purchase Knowledge

The most important part of the electric Bike is the motor, an electric Bike motor basically determines the performance and grade of the car. Electric Bike used by the motor are mostly efficient rare earth permanent magnet motor, which is mainly divided into high-speed brush teeth + wheel motor, low-speed brush motor and low-speed brushless motor three.

A motor is a component that converts the battery energy to a mechanical energy and drives the electric Bike wheel. In the electric Bike used on the motor, its mechanical structure, speed range and power form there are many kinds. Common are: a brush with a hub motor, brushless gear motor, brushless gearless motor, brushless gear motor, high disk motor, side hanging motor.

In the electric Bike market, the most commonly used is lead-acid maintenance-free batteries, there are glass fiber separator adsorption technology AGM type batteries, as well as the use of colloidal electrolyte technology GEL-type colloidal batteries.

The working principle of the lead-acid battery is that the anode (PbO2) and the cathode (Pb) in the lead-acid battery are immersed in the electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid), and 2V power is generated between the two poles. The chemical change in the discharge is dilute sulfuric acid that reacts with the active substance on the anode and anode plates to produce the new compound "lead sulfate". Through the discharge of sulfuric acid from the electrolyte release, the longer the discharge, the more concentrated sulfuric acid concentration. The consumption of the composition and the proportion of discharge, as long as the measured concentration of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte, which is measured the specific gravity, you can know the discharge or residual power. Chemical changes in the charge is discharged in the anode plate, the cathode plate produced by the lead sulfate is broken down into sulfuric acid, lead and lead peroxide, so the battery electrolyte concentration gradually increased, that is, the electrolyte And gradually return to the concentration before discharge, this change shows that the active material in the battery has been restored to the state can be re-power supply, when the two poles of lead sulfate is reduced to the original active material, that is equal to the end of the charge , While the cathode plate to produce hydrogen, the anode plate is oxygen, charging to the final stage, the current is almost always used in water electrolysis, and thus the electrolyte will be reduced, this time should be added to pure water.

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