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Electric Bike - Carbon Fiber City Preferred

Pedal auxiliary Electric Bike shape and size can be described as a variety of, even the selection of materials is also very wide, such as aluminum and steel. As early as the 2013 European cycling show, Armin Oberhollenzer for his electric car added carbon fiber material, and now it is about to land on the continental United States.

The Leaos electric bike has a male and female universal semi-fixed frame structure in a total of two colors ranging from 155 cm to 190 cm (61-75 in.). Wiring hidden in the body, almost can not see from the appearance, only in the handlebar connected to the hydraulic disc brakes.

Leaos' front fork, fender and handlebar are made of carbon fiber, the center of the handlebar is equipped with a digital display. The MPF 36-volt motor is divided into ten levels of pedal assistance, and Leaos has two versions, one of which can travel 25 kilometers (15 miles) per hour, and it is said that in the EU law, there is no license or insurance that can be legally driven of. Another version of the speed of 45 km per hour, was divided into the motor vehicle category, both have independent torque and speed sensors.

The Leaos Electric Bike is equipped with a BMZ 11.6Ah lithium-ion battery that can be quickly charged for up to 2.5 hours, 110 km (68 miles) in low speed, 90 km at high speed. Leaos weighs 22 kg (48.5 lb), thanks mainly to NuVinci Harmony automatic transmission, Supernova LED front and rear lights, CNC pedals and Selle San Marco saddles.

In addition, Schwalbe for this section of the electric car to provide a 26-inch "balloon tires", increasing the ride during the ride comfort.

It is reported that, Leaos electric bike will be recently launched in the United States, priced at 4980 euros ($ 6,800)

In recent years, with the increase in the number of Electric Bike, Electric Bike caused by the surge in fire accidents, dead people have occurred when the fire. Fire officer reminded the analysis of Electric Bike fires, mostly due to the charging time is too long, resulting in short circuit within the charger caused. Fire reminders, to get rid of Electric Bike, such as night charge and other bad habits, to develop a good habit for electric car safe charging.

2, do not use the fast charger; 3, do not charge the private pull random wire; 4, charging time should not be too long, easy to charge, In principle, no more than 10 hours; 5, abnormal charge should be immediately when the power; 6, not in the building hall, walkway and staircase charging.

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