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Electric Bike Industry Collective Transformation And Upgrading

The 33rd China Jiangsu Bicycle, New Energy Electric Vehicle and Parts Fair was held in Nanjing on October 17th. In the Yangtze River Delta, a large area of haze days, the "new energy, new technology , The new traffic "as the theme of the transaction will be enthusiastic to join the audience. From six provinces and cities and regions of the super 600 companies more than 500 brands and related products on the same stage of competition, exhibition area of over 120,000 square feet.

Although the scale of the show a new high, but the Electric Bike industry in 2014 for the first time after the negative growth in sales, the industry has been turning point. In the decline in sales, fierce competition, policy uncertainty and other factors under the effect of the transformation of the wheel has been moving up in the trade fair to speed up the Mercedes.

Hand "Internet +" refused to be subversive

Mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data ... ... Reporters at the show site to note that some commonly used in the IT industry vocabulary, this year also frequently appeared in the car booth booth product introduction. This year known as the "Internet +" the first year, Electric Bike industry began to feel the trend of the advent of menacing. Cattle technology, cloud technology and other "spoiler", the smart, electricity business, all the Internet and other games played into the industry for the industry capital operation, product marketing, cross-border innovation has brought a lot of inspiration. Many industry "big brother" realized that if you can not adapt to the "Internet +" trend, it is possible to be eliminated by the times.

"Key in the bag or pocket, when approaching the vehicle, the vehicle will automatically sense, unlock, press the 'cloud button' to start the motor." In the Taiwan bell electric car booth, the scene staff to reporters In addition to wireless sensor, the Taiwan bell cloud electric also equipped with a fault self-test and self-repair function, tap the body comes with cloud repair button, the vehicle will enter the detection state, and voice to inform the fault.

"Yadi electric car this year, the main" more high-end ", the booth staff to reporters to introduce a" concept car ", in addition to the mobile phone APP can be on the electric car remote Operation, when there are strangers forced to ride, the mobile phone and electric car dedicated bracelet will also alarm.

In addition, the reporter at the scene to see, with real-time data sharing function of sports electric vehicles, according to traffic conditions automatically adjust the energy output of the climbing car, many large car enterprises will be widely used in intelligent product innovation, through the Internet , Internet of things and other technologies to enhance the technical content of Electric Bike, for the future market changes in the initiative.

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