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Folding Bike In The Off - Season Marketing Strategy

This time went to the Folding Bike business vigorously engaged in summer out of the activities of the time. In particular, some of the two or three cities of the Folding Bike retailers, bike off-season encountered a more embarrassing scenes, the company made a self-considered very full preparation, from the goods structure, store layout, event planning, staff prepared to charge are full Copies. But the process of activities, it is "unexpected" discovery, no passenger, no one to patronize. Even all the VIP customers have also SMS, the phone to inform. But the result is still no popularity.

We say that the occurrence of all things will have a corresponding solution, the key is where we work hard. Enda Folding Bike for such a phenomenon to do a two-point summary, and share with you: First, the business process should pay attention to marketing strategy

We said that at this time Hou, slow sales, out of the goods have been selected, so that the pre-processing of goods has been implemented. The next step is to consider the marketing problem, the two must be complementary. The choice of goods in our commodity management seminar has been mentioned many times, I believe we have done no problem. Here is the main and we are talking about marketing issues. In terms of business, we say that business is to meet the needs of the target consumer, then your target consumer groups in the end is how a group of people, these people have what kind of habits and hobbies. Whether the consumer population has carried out the target segmentation, and in-depth analysis and investigation. We plan the inventory is clear, it can be said that sales promotion activities, in the planning process we have no effective consideration to the characteristics of the target group, the activities of the design program is not targeted. This is also to be considered. Why not attract people? Why did not people flow? Why even VIP customers do not patronize? Obviously, the activities we are doing, but did not seize this part of the characteristics of consumer groups.

For example, we have two or three cities to do a lot of high-end Folding Bike, and many companies are very important VIP sales, new store arrival calls, activities call, birthday call. To express our concern for them. But come back, we carefully think about it, we contact the means and methods are for our sales to do. This is the beginning of some of the better, people think that we pay attention to them, take care of thoughtful. Over time, they will also form a concept, we usually call a day, they feel is staring at their pocket money. So the heart of resentment is arises spontaneously. When faced with activities, people do not buy face. Not coming.

In addition, this consumer group has some common problems, such as the child's education, women how to improve their own taste of the problem. We can not often set up some of these services, we can also be considered for the customer really want to. All of these we are doing, you say we really serve the customer, when people can refuse it? I think most people will not it

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