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Folding Bike Is So Pull!

General Folding Bike have frame folding joints and riser folding joints. Through the frame folding, will be folded back and forth together, can reduce the length of about 45%. The vehicle can be placed in the landing and Folding Bike, as well as the trunk of the car. In the process of folding do not need to use external tools, can be manually folded out of the car, after folding through the seat as a support point so that after folding to stabilize. Of course, the way of folding more and more.

Burke 20 is a high-performance titanium alloy folding bike, it is designed lightweight, fast, tough. Mike F Yap says it can load a suitcase in a matter of seconds in a few seconds and does not require any other tools, it can be said to be a super and most compact Folding Bike.

The designer also mentioned that titanium may be the best material for Folding Bike because of its high impact strength, corrosion resistance and lifetime durability and other characteristics, with titanium to build the bike, will be better able to adapt to urban traffic and International travel harsh transportation regulations.

However, this design is still shortcomings, and its main drawback is the framework of the hinge axis using a vertical orientation of the design. When we are in normal ride, we often have a large bending stress on the main frame hinges and loosen the hinges, so we must use a strong clamping device to keep the hinges off. As time goes on, hinges may have some problems due to high bending forces on the pivot. Another drawback is that the folding requires that the front wheel assembly be moved about 180 degrees laterally about the hinge. There is no doubt that this is a pretty cumbersome operation.

Burke 20's appearance is to allow us to see the possibility of Folding Bike, it can be more lightweight, but also into the normal size of the suitcase to travel around the world, it can also be more and more congested in urban traffic Play our role, in fact, we also need more more advanced bike appears, so that we can have more commute choice.

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