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Hope That More People Enter The Folding Bike Life

The domestic market is usually able to see the international brand Folding Bike is not much, now there are a number of domestic factories on the development of folding bike is also a great investment, and developed a lot of good folding bike, such as force Pa Huang, crown king brand.

We believe that in the field of Folding Bike will be more flourishing, colorful. More internationally renowned folding car brand will slowly into the domestic market, but also look forward to the well-known domestic brands continue to mature and development, and has occupied a certain market share of some brand Folding Bike, to the design concept is more unique Where, after continuous improvement and improvement, it is certainly promising, I believe the prospects are beautiful!

Most of the people who buy Folding Bike are concentrated in young men and women, concentrating on people who have more income, love life, and have a wealth of information on the rich, many people buy a folding car not only for travel, more for weekend trips Leisure, invite three or five friends, take a coach or short-distance train to the city around, to avoid the city in the foul of the ride, directly to the suburbs to enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery, both exercise and fun.

Road vehicles, mountain bike is the two major sports bike mainstream (relative to civilian scooters in terms of), they have experienced a considerable long development, in the design, technology, materials, technology are increasingly perfect and mature, in fact In the technical field has been difficult to qualitative breakthrough. In contrast, folding bike has also been a considerable period of development, but it seems more rapid development momentum, a variety of brands of Folding Bike, with their own ideas continue to update the design, innovation, and refine the Suitable for different purposes, different trends of folding bicycles, road type, integrated type, travel type, leisure type, commuter type, military type and so on folding bike.

From the technical point of view, a well-designed, excellent performance of the folding bike seems to be more than the unfolded standard road car, mountain bike, need to consider more factors. As a Folding Bike, it must also take into account the needs of 〃 folding 〃: how to make the folding will not affect the overall performance, folding process can be more convenient, how can more compact after folding, how easy after folding, how to as much as possible Control weight. Moreover, we have to take into account the various effects of 〃 folding 〃, and how to minimize these adverse effects.

In the folding bike design between the many factors, often and contain each other and constraints, frequently trade-off, how to weigh the pros and cons? So, to design and produce a perfect folding bike, in fact, is a very difficult thing, A good performance in all aspects of the folding bike, the high technical content, technical difficulty, are beyond imagination!

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