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How To Buy Mountain Bike?

No mountain bike ride experience students must be very curious mountain bike why more than ordinary bike so much, even if there have been riding experience but did not personally bought the people in the purchase of the first own mountain bike will be a fog Water, this experience from the big start, to introduce the mountain bike several important parameters, and briefly talk about the purchase criteria, only for your reference.

We first familiar with the general name of the various parts of the mountain bike. The important part of the mountain bike includes the frame, the fork, the brake, the speed, the wheel. Which fork contains a high technological content, speed and brake part is also critical. The price of the mountain bike also depends on the three parts of the good or bad.

First said the frame, the material, the frame has high-carbon steel, aluminum alloy, of course, relatively light aluminum, high-carbon steel repair more convenient. On the whole, the frame is divided into hard frame and the whole shock absorber frame, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, hard car ride light, the whole shock frame for complex road conditions, we can according to their own needs Buy.

Say the front fork, simply divided into hard fork and with the shock of the fork, subdivision, then, for the spring fork, resistance fork, oil fork fork, oil and gas fork, fork more advanced need to carefully care, under normal circumstances, Choose a spring fork can meet the needs of ordinary people.

And then the brakes, obviously divided into disc brakes and V brake, the two different working principle, the price difference is also great, V brake friction, disc brakes brake shaft, V brake is locked, often high-speed riding The best not to use V brake, hold easy slip, this we should all know.

Followed by the speed, including the dial, dial the dial and dial the points, before dialing, after dialing, flywheel (flywheel with ordinary rotary and positioning, positioning more accurate) and dental plate.

As for the wheels, the wheels need to pay attention to the wheels and tires, the ring has a ring and T-ring of the points. The shape of the tire has an impact on the driver, we can generally choose the shape of the tire can be based on the road.

Finally, briefly talk about other parts, there are cars (the whole wheel is no car), parking support, handlebar (according to individual needs to select the appropriate handlebar), saddle (mostly ergonomic, generally very comfortable ), The hub (that is, shaft, sub-lock and quick release), the axis (plum hole in the shaft, square hole axis), the chain (long-distance riding need to bring their own chain oil).

On the mountain bike to introduce here, I believe we can through this experience to the initial understanding of the mountain bike, as to choose what kind of mountain bike, the need to see you, you are commuting with the weekend travel, or long distance ride Use, do not have the function, different people need to choose different types of mounts.

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