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How To Choose City Commuter Folding Bike?

First determine whether the Folding Bike can meet their basic needs of the problem!

1. to determine the distance of one way, Folding Bike can meet the needs of this journey;

2. The car needs a variable speed function, according to their own one-way distance to determine the ride will not be hard train. If you want to choose a single speed car, the tooth ratio is recommended to choose between 50:11 and 60: 9, the teeth are too small will be in the car after the speed up, it is easy to become a random, so no strength; So that the initial step and do not move and hurt the knee o (╯ □ ╰) o. Most of the variable speed Folding Bike are road-based variable speed systems and wheel sets, is to consider the needs of urban transport.

3. Routine ride cruise speed is generally around 20 / kmh (completely tired no pressure, our team and the company's girls ride the speed cruise are completely no problem), taking into account the traffic lights and so on time consumption, you can see Whether the time can be allowed;

4. Can not ride the time, need to consider the second third alternative transport Oh ~ (such as rainy days I can not accept wearing a raincoat ride, my car never installed fender, because that is not handsome ~ ~);

5. Distance:

5.1 flat road, then the most simple, the general Folding Bike are OK;

5.2 some sections of the slope, so to look at the slope of the angle and the length of ~ if relatively long or steep, then need to have at least two disc drive system, directly spend more money with a good point of the road package is better, Will certainly need to change the teeth often to save the physical;

5.3 to carry out or carry the distance to walk how much? If there is a need to carry the car or folded up to take away the demand, then the weight of the car there is a relatively high demand, the general weight of the Folding Bike will be between 7kg-13kg, do not look at such a point weight, because the irregular shape led to carry Posture more awkward, generally carry a long distance will be hand acid ~ ~ If you do not lack the money, then choose some folding up with a guide wheel to carry out the style or lightweight carbon fiber and titanium on the best;

5.4 how many road road? If the bumpy situation is more serious and can not choose the mountain bike, you can also consider some of the Folding Bike with a shock function. If the road is relatively poor, then the tires should be a little bit;

6. Is there a high demand for car occupancy? Different brands of different types of Folding Bike, after folding the shape and space occupancy are not the same. I was a silk silk, live in the palm of the place, and the price of the car is not allowed to throw it downstairs fend for themselves, so the space occupied by the car is relatively high, every day carry carry back on the balcony more at ease in the company On their own desk by the wall does not account for the place.

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