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In Line With National Standard Electric Bike Line

June 19, the city announced "on the strengthening of road traffic order management of the notice (draft)", and for the community for comments. For the public to understand the contents and purpose of the notice, yesterday the city traffic police detachment of the relevant person in charge of the notice (draft) were interpreted.

To achieve "people easy to line, smooth the flow of goods"

"At present, the city has a total of more than 6820 vehicles, low-speed truck 2466." City traffic police detachment order section of the relevant person in charge said that these vehicles produce more serious pollution and the use of low ratio, engaged in freight demand The Accordingly, the notice (draft) will be three rounds of cars, low-speed trucks, tractors forbidden range, from the previous expansion of the ring to the tricyclic (including the Third Ring Road).

It is understood that, as early as 2007, the city has a limit on the provisions of the truck, the scope is within the second ring. In order to speed up the process of air pollution control in our city, to reduce traffic accidents, to enhance the use rate of the road at night, around the "people easy to line, the smooth flow of goods," the goal of the vehicle, , The notice in accordance with national standards will be subdivided truck. It is forbidden to use medium-sized and heavy-duty wagons for diesel fuel. It is forbidden from 7:00 to 21:00 within 3 rings (excluding tricyclic); for micro- Pass.

In order to further meet the city logistics and distribution, taking into account the garbage removal, medical waste transport, meat and poultry eggs, fresh material delivery, to meet the emission standards of vehicles, through the pass, within a specified time, according to the specified line into the limit line area.

Eliminate traffic noise pollution to promote multi - member travel

As the city skeleton continues to expand, in order to eliminate traffic noise pollution, the notice (draft) on the ban on the whistle area has also been expanded. Specifically to the east before the happy road, south to the TV tower, west to Seoul Road, north to the scope of Zhangjiapu, extended to the Third Ring Road (including the Third Ring Road).

To promote the city's road traffic efficiency, ease the pressure of urban traffic, and further promote multi-member access to promote energy conservation, effectively promote pollution pollution haze work, notice to promote public transport, green travel, the city's bus lanes allow more than 10 (including 10) large and medium-sized passenger traffic.

Combined with the notice (draft) "is strictly prohibited coach car in the Third Ring Road (including the Third Ring Road) on the road to the actual road driving skills training work" requirement, the relevant person in charge said that its purpose is to regulate the management of coach cars , To prevent beginners to learn to drive the security risks, and "coach car" traffic accidents, to ensure that all kinds of driving skills training activities for security, and actively create a safe and orderly "learning drive" environment.

Electric Bike shall not be violated

According to the relevant national standards, the maximum speed of Electric Bike should not be more than 20 km, the maximum design speed of motorcycles should be no more than 50 km. From the perspective of traffic safety, in order to further eliminate the road safety hazards, regulate the traffic travel order, notice (draft), is strictly prohibited does not meet the national standard of electric vehicles, disabled motor wheelchair on the road, forbidden motorcycles, electric motorcycles, electric The moped is traveling within the tricyclic (including tricyclic) road.

In accordance with the notice (draft), the general public daily use of national standards in line with the national standard Electric Bike, does not limit the passage, but requires non-motor vehicle driving, not illegal manned, and the speed does not exceed 15 km. On the scope of motor vehicles, electric tricycle, electric four-wheelers, notice (draft) to be included in the motor vehicle management; clear "is strictly prohibited human tricycle, Electric Bike, electric cars, motorcycles and other non-motor vehicles, motor vehicles Illegal passenger operation ".

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