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Interpretation: Folding Bike Favored Reasons

Industry: folding bike culture to lead the bicycle industry continued innovation and rapid development

Since the invention of the bike, some people continue to try to make the bike smaller, take up some less space. Practical, commercial folding bike completed this historical life, and greater contribution is to make the global bicycle industry continuous innovation and rapid development.

Folding bike is a convenient means of transport

The popularity of the world's cars and the disruption of urban construction in some countries, so that the original planning is not so forward-looking some of the big cities overwhelmed, and the high loss rate of the bike and most people intend to buy ordinary bike rescue people discouraged, innovative bike --- Folding Bike with its light, fast and much of the vast number of consumers of all ages.

Today's city people travel by car, public transport and bikes (including all kinds of two-wheelers) and so on. Often the government is promoting public transport, but because it can not solve the traffic between the station and the destination, it is sometimes very inefficient, and the use of Folding Bike can often make up for this, and it is easy to use the two ends of the line. If it is off-site travel, with a Folding Bike is also very convenient, such as travel by train, Folding Bike is not much larger than a large suitcase, into the luggage rack convenient, and so on to reach the destination to start riding, to avoid many trouble.

Folding bike is a healthy and environmentally friendly way of sports and leisure

From a certain point of view, on the one hand folding bike is becoming a pioneer in environmental protection, conservation, health, as much as possible by public transport system to save time and put an end to the waste of private cars, riding a bicycle to bring health and vitality. On the other hand, this is necessary for a healthy and harmonious society. Riding a bike itself is a pleasant thing: a well-regulated and good Folding Bike regardless of riding speed or not, in the quiet avenue, mountain road or lake trail will let the ride people soothing mood, relax The nerves. In Europe and the United States, cycling is the most fashionable sport, Europe has a very long history of cycling and very deep bike cultural connotation, where the bike is actually the same position as the golf.

Like the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, because of its developed subway rail transit system, Folding Bike become very popular. In these countries, Folding Bike not only as a means of transport, the development of a variety of high-performance sports Folding Bike, such as the British Alex, Germany's R & M and so are one of the stars. Many people have such bikes and take them to the outskirts of the car to travel, over the weekend. As the Folding Bike folding small after the advantages of cycling enthusiasts no need to buy valuable bags or special carrying tools, can be directly into the trunk.

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