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Lithium Battery Electric Bike Promotion Difficult Where?

2016 The 14th China Northern International Bicycle Electric Vehicle Exhibition has ended in Tianjin, in some large and medium-sized cities in the country after the implementation of motor vehicle restrictions on the background of the policy, with low carbon energy saving and environmental protection characteristics of the bicycle industry development of concern. Lithium-ion battery is recognized as the industry's Electric Bike battery industry upgrades and product innovation breakthroughs and the future direction of development, but lithium-ion battery development has been ten years, the market share is still not 5%. What hinders the upgrade of electric bikes?

Our company is the first domestic lithium battery electric car production enterprises, business chairman Zhang Yajun said: At this year's bike electric car show, their lithium battery Electric Bike orders more than three times last year.

Recording: We value the lithium trolley is very light, very environmentally friendly, is the future needs of consumers, lead-acid battery is very heavy, downstairs charging is not convenient. Last year we show the overall volume of about 6,000 units, the first day of this year there are 10,000 units of orders, the entire show is expected to 20,000 sales.

Electric Bike lithium battery as a power source, is the last two or three years, before years has been the use of lead-acid batteries, both compared to lithium battery only a book size, only 2.5 kg weight, can be carried in the bag Go, and with the horsepower equivalent of lead-acid battery weight is about 15 kg. However, this electric car prices are more expensive.

Energy-saving environmental protection is the direction of development of Electric Bike, with the progress of technology, lithium battery Electric Bike is expected to replace the current lead-acid battery electric bike. Reporters learned through the interview, to achieve this goal, we must solve the three aspects of the problem. First of all, improve product quality to reduce vehicle sales price, the key is to control the cost of lithium battery Electric Bike. Suzhou Long Yue Lithium car company manager Li Longshan said:

Recording: lithium its shape standard is not uniform, each manufacturers are fragmented. The size of the standard has not yet, including the charging interface ah, have not seen the provisions of things out. Now the specification is not uniform, more than a shape of the mold fee, which produced some costs. If the standardization, the enterprise is less a re-development of the cost, and ultimately feedback to the terminal market, but also to bring benefits to the people.

Moreover, the promotion of the application of lithium battery Electric Bike, on the one hand the need for environmental protection departments of the battery industry to monitor the efforts, but also need to arouse the whole society awareness of environmental protection.

Last year, Tianjin Bicycle Electric Vehicle Industry Association and other units introduced the "Electric Bike with lithium-ion battery technology local standards", lithium battery Electric Bike sales growth significantly. Tianjin Bicycle Electric Vehicle Industry Association Productivity Promotion Center Director Zhang Ruihua Introduction:

Record: Last year, the implementation of the implementation of Tianjin last year, reached 1.06 million lithium, the previous year is 61.2 million, an increase of 388,000, an increase of 57.7%.

He said, lithium battery lightweight, environmentally friendly, after the waste will not produce environmental pollution, once the application of technology is mature, the market sales increase, lithium battery Electric Bike prices will come down.

In addition, we must also see, on the one hand, lithium battery Electric Bike promotion efforts need to be further increased. On the other hand, the relevant government departments should also purchase environmentally friendly lithium battery consumers to provide subsidies to improve the enthusiasm of consumers to buy.

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