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Maintenance Of Electric Bike

Electric Bike, refers to the battery as a supplementary energy on the basis of ordinary bicycles, the installation of the motor, controller, battery, handlebar and other control components and display instrumentation system of mechanical and electrical integration of personal transport; 2013 "China Electric Bike industry innovation peak forum "data show that China's electric Bike cut through the 2013 volume of 200 million, and has been in dispute in the electric bike" new national standard "will also be introduced. The new national standard is expected to set off a big change in the electric Bike industry.

Electric Bike have become popular as a means of transport, and it has been found that the battery capacity of electric Bike per winter is much larger than in summer, or it is difficult to charge or even start. In fact, this is a lot because consumers ignore the winter on the battery maintenance. Reporters visited the capital of several electric Bike repair shop on the electric Bike battery maintenance to understand.

Saihan District, an electric Bike repair shop maintenance staff told reporters that the best battery operating temperature of 15 degrees Celsius ~ 40 degrees Celsius. In this temperature range, it will affect the normal work of the battery, the battery life will be shortened. A normal lead-acid battery can ensure that the vehicle farthest distance of 50 km, due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the ambient temperature of -10 degrees Celsius, the battery power can not be one hundred percent of the release, the winter is full of electric mileage than in the summer Full of electric mileage to reduce a lot. So the maintenance of the battery is very important.

First of charge, each time you go home, regardless of the length of time, must be charged, so that the battery to maintain the use of the state of power, if the occasional full of electricity on the battery is not, but often not fully charged, the battery will Produce a "memory", affecting its continued mileage, but also loss of battery life. Charge the battery plug first, then plug the power plug. Charge the end, first pull the power plug, then pull the battery plug.

Second, start the electric bike, to avoid large current discharge, reduce the manned exercise, climbing the best manpower or help ride, or damage to the battery great. If the vehicle is parked in the open air or cold storage for a few weeks, remove the battery and store it in a warmer room to prevent damage to the battery. And the temperature is too low to minimize the use of electric Bike time, and should be promptly charged. If you are not prepared to use the battery car in the winter, the battery should not be put into the next year when the use of recharging, but should be every 1 month to the battery charge a charge to ensure that the lead-acid battery storage capacity, while avoiding acid spill damage battery. Maintenance personnel that maintenance of the battery to remember to charge, more help.

After the use of six months, the best to the maintenance point to do a battery maintenance, appropriate to add the battery electrolyte, adjust the proportion of electrolyte, and check the storage situation, to maintain the proportion of battery electrolyte, if necessary, can increase the number of charge. At the same time, clean the battery terminal, and coated with special grease to protect is also very important, which can ensure that electric bike start and reliable, extend the battery life.

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