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Mountain Bike Balance Technique

To ride a mountain bike, the first principle is no matter how the car on the tilt, or hit the obstacles, can maintain a balance. If you sit on the cushion and ride on it, then hit a big stone and the car will send all the energy of the impact to your ass as if it were kicked fiercely. So that the best shock absorber is your hands and feet: no one will enjoy the impact of the power spread to the upper body feeling.

Cycling adjustment

You need the size to suit your bike to help you balance well. Here are a few simple ways to help you choose the size that suits your bike.

Cushion height

To know if this Mountain Bike is your size, first you have to adjust the cushion to the "ideal location". This position allows you to use your legs.

• Get on the Mountain Bike. Sitting properly Place the heel on the pedal.

• When your legs are completely straightened, the heels are able to touch the pedal. If your feet hit the pedal, your legs are still playing, which means you sit too low.

• Try riding a few minutes to make sure you do not need to swing your ass to step on the pedal. If this happens, it means that you are sitting too high.

• When you find the appropriate seat height, mark the seat tube. Remember this is your ideal cushion height.

• At first you may feel too high off the ground, but you have to try to adapt to it. When riding a mountain Mountain Bike, your feet do not need to touch the ground when you put down. Really feel uncomfortable when the cushion down half an inch to an inch, nothing more, do not drop too much.

Car length

The big principle is to ride the time should not see the front axle (or the front hub), because the car's handle should block it. If you see the front axle (front hub) appear in front of the driver, the trolley is too small for you; if you see the front axle (front hub) appear in the rear of the rider, this trolley is for you too big.

Correct ride position

• When you sit on the car, you have to make your arm slightly so that you can turn smoothly.

• When holding the handle, the thumb must be placed under the handle, just like holding the tennis racket gestures. Do not break the whole hand on the handle, as long as an unexpected impact can make your car completely out of control.

Standing on a ride

As long as the terrain starts to rugged or unstable, you have to let the butts leave the cushion and ride on the pedal. Strictly speaking, ass sticks on the cushion when it is unable to overcome the obstacles.

Illustration: the body center of gravity placed in the middle of two rounds. The buttocks away from the cushion, then the body back to prepare to meet the impact of the road.

Put your heart as the center of gravity. You will want to try to keep the heart in a stable position. To do this, you have to use your hands and feet, they are your shock system. They can absorb the impact of energy and anti-car up and down tilt to help you as much as possible to maintain the center of gravity stability.

Imagine a line from your heart to the ground, which is the point where your body's center of gravity is projected on the ground. When you ride a Mountain Bike that fits your size, this point is about the center of the two tires.

Try to keep this point in the center of the two rounds or a slight bias. The center of gravity is more forward, the higher the probability of your launch. (This part we'll say more about the brakes in the next chapter)

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