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Mountain Bike Common Sense

Mountain bike in the purchase process and the process of riding the need to pay attention to the common sense is very much, in the purchase of a suitable high-quality mountain bike, the frame, cushion, speed, horns and other key components are required to carefully evaluate , In order to know these components are good or bad, you need to master the knowledge of good or bad distinction between knowledge points


Mountain bike frame material steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. One of the steel frame the cheapest, but the weight is also the most important, the surface of the paint after the risk of rust, so usually in the maintenance to work hard. And then the higher point is the aluminum alloy, lighter weight, but the need for thick pipe diameter to achieve the same strength with the steel, for most of the mountaineers used. After the surface polished the whole car showed silver white, very nice. Carbon fiber frame is characterized by one can be formed, do not need welding, but each frame requires a special mold manufacturing, the cost is also high. Titanium alloy is not only light weight, no rust, high strength, the best material properties, but expensive raw materials, processing difficulties.


The height of the mountain bike seat cushion has a great influence on the comfort of the ride, the method is to sit on the cushion, the pedal stepped on the farthest away from the body, this time the foot straight, the heel to just step on Pedal, pay attention to the heel. If the heel is less than the cushion is too high, the knee is not straight, then it is too low. It is important to note that the height of the cushion is much higher than most people used to ride the height of the ride, even when the foot pedal toe to the ground, just started riding will not get used to, so in the city, the car more , Traffic lights and more places to be careful. However, for long distance cycling, this height allows your legs to provide the best pedal force. So your bike is just a few hundred meters away. For safety or not to lift the seat cushion to the highest.

Variable speed

Most people riding a trolley, want to ride slowly to adjust the light gear ratio, want to ride fast when the transfer to the heavy gear ratio, this is the wrong way. The correct way is to maintain a certain tread speed, usually 1 minute 90 turn. When the speed of this stable ride, if found feet a bit difficult, not step so fast, it should be changed to a lighter gear ratio, and vice versa to the heavier gear ratio, so that the legs always maintain the same force , This is the correct operation of the variable speed system. So the 21, 24, and even the latest 27-speed shift, not to provide a larger range of speed, but in the same range to provide more detailed speed, in order to maintain the stability of trampling speed.


Refers to the handle at both ends of the handle, or called the attached, in addition to used to file, the main role is to provide different ways to grasp the wrist, reduce fatigue, in addition to the role of the protection of the hand. The general handlebar is about the level of the grip when hanging like a single rod; mountain bike horn is equal before and after the grip of the arm posture and open the car almost. Uphill, hands holding horns easier to force. Downhill, because the mountain bike horn steering control poor, but also pull the brakes, so still grip the original handlebar is relatively safe. Horns of the installation angle varies from person to person, usually first transferred to the vertical with the arm, and then adjust down, so that the wrist in the most natural state will be able to grasp.

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