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Mountain Bike Maintenance Of The Whole Raiders, One-third Ride, Seven Raise

For riding enthusiasts, a superior performance of the Mountain Bike is very important, he is always accompanied by your good brother, good partner. Riding the process, but also a conservative sun and wind blowing process, like people need to rest, cycling also need to rest, people need to eat, cycling also need maintenance.

Daily maintenance needs, lubricants, gloves, rags, chain scraper, cleaning agents, chain brush, tire care solution and so on.

The frame can be said to be a Mountain Bike face, you need to soften the surface of the first dirt, and then use detergent to wipe the dirt, the role of cleaning agent is to lubricate and clean, to avoid damage to the surface of the frame coating. After cleaning, be sure to wipe off the excess water. Conditional friends, can also give the frame waxing, to keep the paint luster.

Wash the wheel group, as little as possible with water, chain brush clean the gap, with a soft cloth to clean the wheels and spokes. Tire on the sediment directly on the shoe brush can be. It is recommended not practical cleaning agents, cleaning agents and bearings, rubber and other components may be reflected, resulting in rust death, aging, deterioration and thus affect performance.

After each trip to check the chain, if necessary, then clean it, to avoid the chain of oil and sediment. When cleaning the chain, it is best to use a special cleaning agent and scaffolding, cleaning must be dry the excess water.

The dirtiest part of the car is the transmission system, and need a lint-free cloth, the teeth of a tooth are cleaned in place, not recommended to wash with water. After the flywheel can be removed to clean, you can also side of the side of the wipe. Use a chain brush to handle debris and clean the oil with a rag. The process of cleaning up is to clean up dust and particles and reduce wear.

Finally, add the oil. Plus lubricants is not the more the better, after the chain of lubricants in the chain of lubricants, only in the chain of activities at the joints can be oil, and then by dialing, so that the chain in each piece of gear sliding not less than three laps Wipe off the excess oil can be.

To clean the vehicle, do not know the situation in the case, do not rush to use cleaning agents, such as bare all kinds of traces; closed dial and so on. The whole process requires special attention is that the friction part of the brake system is absolutely not contaminated with any oil, if stained with oil, please use alcohol to clean it.

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