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Riding Should "first Front Brake Brake Or Rear Brake.

With the continuous development of sport bikes, adding more and more riders cycling. However, as a certain speed bicycle outdoor sports, itself has a certain degree of risk. Cycling process, often encounter poor road conditions, the sudden appearance of pedestrians and other uncertainties, due to the different riding experience of the individuals themselves, these factors are cycling the potential crisis. To ensure the safety of riding, encounter unexpected situations, we are before the first brake brake or rear brake, you must first establish a correct concept.

Since the exercise bike and the general class commuter bikes are very different in design, the brake control is likely to cause too large lock.

Some manufacturers in the bicycle exercise bike on top of the new car will be affixed to some: "NOTE: After the first brake brake, then brake front brake" warning signs. This warning can not be said is wrong, but can not be regarded as truth. Because this marked mainly for bicycles near the contact amateur riders, in order to prevent new drivers due to emergency situations, failure to control the intensity of the front brake brake too large, causing the front wheels locking, dangerous forward somersault.

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