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Smart Electric Bike Need To Be Redefined

To say in recent years, the most eye-catching trend of the Electric Bike industry, then the non-"intelligent" must go, this year's Tianjin exhibition will also be the theme of "intelligent" "network", visible, Electric Bike intelligence Has become the transformation of the industry as a whole direction.

Intelligent is the way out of low quality competition for Electric Bikes

According to statistics, China's Electric Bike social security has reached 200 million, is a private car 200%, 160% of motorcycles, has become the most people use the most means of transport. In the past 18 years, the Electric Bike industry has maintained a high growth rate of more than 20%, even in the highest year to reach 47% growth rate, however, this extraordinary development in 2014 was broken , This year, the vehicle industry for the first time a negative growth, China's Electric Bike industry ended nearly 20 years of barbaric growth, into the slowdown in the growth of the new normal.

In China, the development of any emerging industry is closely related to the huge demographic dividend, Electric Bike is no exception. The first stage is to divide the city's population dividend, the city market saturation, the second stage began to sink, to seize the rural market, and now, China's Electric Bike social security has stood to the commanding heights of 200 million, an average of 7 per person 1, capacity and demand ratio of up to 1: 0.37, a serious excess capacity, both urban and rural markets, have been seriously saturated, that is, the demographic dividend has been large and small Electric Bike business carved up.

Incremental markets have peaked, and that only the demand for the stock market has been accelerated. We see that these years, Electric Bike companies have in the stock market efforts, all kinds of tricks for all over the country in the bustling performances, in addition, no bottom line price war, dazzling star Endorsements, signings, square activities, "mountain climbing", "long run" and so on, as the major brands of conventional weapons.

However, after the lively, the industry downturn is still not the slightest change, according to statistics, at present, China's Electric Bike industry license plate business as many as 1,200, in the case of serious overcapacity, it is clear that the existing stock market has Can not feed so many enterprises, in order to get out of the woods, you can not continue to die in the stock market continues to go, and to find a new incremental market.

Where is the incremental market? Zhao Xingzhong, president of the new shares in the industry in the meeting pointed out that the intelligent electric vehicle industry is the best embodiment of innovation, the continuous development of information technology will promote the further transformation and upgrading of electric vehicle industry. Electric Bikes must be out of functional homogeneity of competition, towards the intelligent.

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