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Talking About Folding Bike Is Good!

You say that this Folding Bike is it, it is good.

On the Folding Bike of the vehicle itself, it is typical of low-carbon environmental protection, but by virtue of this, we should encourage encouragement. In foreign morning five or six o'clock, you can see groups of foreigners in the formation of riding, they really is to pursue the speed of it? In order to earn who is strong who is weak? Or they are also brain damage, and not sleep a Lanjue, do not roll a few sheets, have to be so uniform and disciplined team riding it? To know that in foreign countries, big, fat, children, family riding, everywhere, this has become one of their important entertainment, it makes me impressed. I think this is better than we smoke and drink in the country bubble bar, these entertainment items to the health of meaningful it Look at the outside of the pm2.5 bar, so please make a contribution to it

Now people's economic capacity are beginning to get rich, and buy a good point of the Folding Bike, I believe that is not much of a problem. But remember that everything should be done, do not do those who swollen face full of fat things, good economic ability, and naturally can buy a brave Folding Bike, the economic capacity is weaker, then buy a common A little bit of it, this is nothing to lose face. Because each person's physical weight age sex is different, choose the way of riding are also different, you can choose, ride tours, you can also choose the racing challenge, all by their own decision, the only common is: riding ,Please be careful. Of course, I did not hesitate to choose the racing challenge.

Very happy to see that Shanghai already has a large scale, and standard Folding Bike league, thanks to them for the Folding Bike lovers to provide a big stage, the release of their own passionate place. The league for the lovers to provide a variety of group division, and A group, has become the highest group of signs, car faithful can gather together, to explore the cycling experience, training methods, diet recommendations, strong dialogue, usually Can harvest a lot. Do they really want to ride out any tricks to come? Or who would like to expect which day by the Tour de France value, elected to the team members? It is clear that this little probability of things, we do not consider. We are only in the heart and their own in the rivalry, all do the same love, to try to do the best, even if you need to pay a price, it will not regret it. In fact, doing anything is the truth, no one will remember the second, third, they will only follow the best one. So we contest is not someone else, but the heart of their own. Positive attitude, worthy of praise.

I respect and admire those who can temporarily for the cycling training and put down their hands, strict self, day after day to complete their homework in the car, or in the busy out of time for training, It is necessary to have much perseverance and a deal with the enthusiasm of the Folding Bike ah, this is a kind of human spirit, I believe that this is not everyone can do, it is a valuable quality, doing things so serious , Treat hobbies so into, know, pay will be outstanding. No one will like to do things halfway, lazy scattered, do not think of people, this I believe that my sister's point of view must be the same and I was the same. (Sister usually like a positive, enthusiastic, targeted men, they will understand the man in the pursuit of a certain kind of thing, the distribution of passion) if you have, please cherish.

Now people travel like 4 + 2 way, this is a new fashion, see a good place to stop, ride on the Folding Bike, do not forget to play a sport. Do not have some fun. Now the car faithful whether it is training or ride, after the end like to take a photo, forwarded to their friends circle, which is so good, the passion to the people around, so that more witness their own pay, and enjoy the sport the process of. If each of us can share his passion and joy to the people around, I believe that the world will become more "love".

I want to say: irony, ridicule, sarcastic, others, will only make their own charm become more and more small, the same thing, we change the angle, usually you can see the same brilliant world.

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