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The Application Of Chip Integration Technology In Electric Bike

Electric Bike is a power-driven, foot drive, power and pedal and other effects of green and environmentally friendly transport. The battery passes through a controller to send a motor, the motor is placed in the rear wheel, and the rotation of the motor drives the bike.

Electric Bike controller connected to a speed control handle, in the pedal on the shaft with a power sensor, Electric Bike speed control handle can let the controller detect a different voltage value, the controller according to the size of the voltage value, analog adjustment sent to the motor Voltage level, thus controlling the motor speed.

Controller brushless motor control method is based on the motor position feedback signal to control the motor three-phase drive upper and lower arm MOS tube conduction and cut-off, in order to achieve electronic commutation. Electric Bike with SPMC65P2404A as the master MCU.

Vehicle motor controller in recent years, the speed of development, it is difficult to imagine, the operation more and more "fool", and the display is more and more complicated. Drive, and some also have electric performance and power function, if the transition to the power state, with the chain tension tester, or the axis of the torque sensor, Electric Bike as long as the pedal pedal, can perform the power or determine the power size.

The controller is composed of peripheral devices and main chips (or microcontrollers). Microcontrollers, also known as microcontrollers, are integrated in a chip on the memory, a conversion signal language decoder, sawtooth wave generator and pulse width modulation function circuit and the switch circuit power tube turn on or off, through the side Wave control power tube conduction time to control the motor speed of the drive circuit, input and output ports are integrated together, and constitute the computer chip.

The design quality, characteristics, the functions of the microprocessor, the power switch device circuit and the surrounding device layout are directly related to the performance and running status of the vehicle, and also affect the performance and efficiency of the controller itself. Different quality of the controller, used in the same car, equipped with the same group of the same charge and discharge state of the battery, and sometimes in the driving ability to show a greater difference.

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