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The Development Of Electric Bike Technology In China

Electric Bike, refers to the battery as a supplementary energy, with two wheels, to achieve human riding, electric or electric auxiliary function of the special bike. Electric Bike battery only as auxiliary energy; must have two wheels; design speed is not greater than 20 km / hour; vehicle weight is not greater than 40 kg; tire width (tire) is not greater than 54 mm. It is based on the ordinary bike, Electric Bike installed motor, controller, battery, handlebar and other control components and display instrumentation system of mechanical and electrical integration of personal transport.

China's Electric Bike in the torque sensor technology and integrated circuit controller technology has been the world's leading position in the application of integrated electronics and digital technology in the controller, motor valve control, charge control and other components, intelligent electric bike will be the future The commanding heights of development.

The high-tech content of composite materials and high-strength light alloy materials will be more used in the manufacture of Electric Bike. In the successful application of aluminum alloy materials at the same time, the use of titanium, chromium molybdenum steel and other lightweight, high-strength materials and carbon fiber and other polymer composite materials. Increase the strength of Electric Bike, reduce the weight of Electric Bike. So that the performance of the bike and the manufacturing process of a revolutionary change.

More widely used in computer and microelectronics technology in Electric Bike product design, mold processing and production process, and continuously improve the degree of production automation and improve the production process technology. Speed up the use of new international technology, new materials, tires, batteries and accessories in the production of nano-materials, so that Electric Bike lighter, faster, more farther.

At present, China's nickel-metal hydride battery application technology has gradually matured, lithium battery security problems once resolved, can also be popular. Technology-leading Electric Bike manufacturers to increase the study of new energy, reduce the cost of new batteries, Electric Bike to a stronger "source of life."

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