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What Is The Classification Of Electric Bike Batteries?

In addition to the largest use of VRLA batteries, there are nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium-ion batteries, polymer lithium batteries, zinc batteries, fuel cells and many more. Here are some of the Electric Bike battery classification?

1. lead-acid battery. The lowest price, but also the most commonly used, China is the world's largest producer of lead-acid batteries. Its pollution-containing ingredients are relatively small, good recyclability. The disadvantage is the smaller than the specific capacity. In other words, in the same capacity, the battery weight and volume are large. The current lead-acid battery is basically developed by the float type of battery. Floating battery does not meet the fast charge and high current discharge, although the technical staff spent a lot of effort to carry out a fruitful improvement, can enter the practical, but its life is still very unsatisfactory.

2. Ni-MH battery. Specific capacity than the lead-acid battery much better, single cell life is also better, the high current charge and discharge characteristics than the lead-acid battery is good. The problem is the nickel-metal hydride battery series battery management problems are more, once the charge occurs, it will form a single battery separator melting problem, resulting in the entire group of batteries quickly failed. Therefore, the domestic nickel-metal hydride batteries of the key technical problems or charger and battery management system problems, and this problem has not caused the battery manufacturers and depot enough attention. Therefore, the development of nickel-metal hydride batteries received a lot of constraints.

Nickel cadmium batteries. High current characteristics than nickel-metal hydride batteries, and its anti-overcharge characteristics than nickel-metal hydride batteries, China is the world's nickel-cadmium battery production power. Some people put the issue of cadmium pollution, China is still a large number of exports to Europe, nickel-cadmium batteries and their applications, Europe until 2006 began to limit. According to the news of CCTV, Shenzhou V is still using nickel-cadmium batteries. This is its relatively high reliability of the advantages of the variety of batteries is still in the application and aerospace equipment. In this way, Electric Bike too early to make nickel-cadmium batteries out of the application of some radical? The cost of nickel-cadmium batteries and the cost of the charger are significantly lower than the nickel-metal hydride batteries, as long as the recycling is good, or should keep the battery Variety of.

4. Lithium-ion battery. The specific capacity is better than the nickel-metal hydride batteries, for the same capacity of lead-acid batteries, the lithium-ion battery weighs the equivalent of a laptop, so that the elderly and women can be used. Its life can also be better than nickel-metal hydride batteries. The current mobile phone batteries are basically using this battery. Lithium battery resistance is relatively large, the use of Electric Bike will appear when the battery is fully discharged when the lack of power that car. Lithium-ion battery is the main problem in the overcharge and over discharge state of the battery will explode, cell phone batteries are used in a single battery, and then through a good protection circuit to use, basically put an end to the battery explosion problem. And in the use of Electric Bike, you must use a series of battery pack, and the series of battery protection circuit complexity is far more than the single battery protection circuit, the material cost is also greatly increased. At present a good lithium battery protection circuit costs close to the price of the battery itself. While the polymer lithium battery explosion lethality is lower than the lithium-ion battery, but there are also the possibility of explosion and burning. This is the same as lithium-ion batteries need to solve the problem.

5. Zinc empty battery. With its large capacity, small pollution known to the world. The battery is replaced by the method of updating the battery zinc plate. Replacement of a zinc plate can be used from 160 km to 220 km. Its limitations are: temporarily can not be outside the Shanghai to carry out the application of the test, while its use cost is also several times the lead-acid batteries. If further, to further expand its scope of application, there is the possibility of further reducing the use of cost.

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