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What Is The Main Criticism Of Electric Bike?

Electric bike is an unprecedented success of the product, whether it is price, performance, marketing or market positioning, are called textbook-like business materials. According to 2014 data estimates, China's Electric Bike ownership has more than 200 million units.

But it is such a sunrise industry, has been the majority of the people accepted and loved the industry, but has not been recognized by the government level, let alone support, look at the new energy vehicles (another vest, more than two legs), as if Is the stepmother. So, what is the main criticism of Electric Bike:

1, is it really environmentally friendly?

Environmental protection this problem is more complex. First of all to be clear that the electric bike is replaced by bicycles and motorcycles, that environmental protection is no doubt no bike environmental protection, but relative to the motorcycle is certainly much more environmentally friendly, after all, it does not burn gasoline. If you say that the power of electricity, like coal, what kind of electricity to use this kind of words, but also a little truth, but the same way the energy consumption value, Electric Bike to much lower. Electric car pollution is the most important battery, but many people do not know is that the current Electric Bike batteries are lead-acid batteries. The lead-acid battery has been invented more than a hundred years two hundred years, the technology is very mature. Now the lead-acid batteries are sealed maintenance-free, life expectancy within the period do not have to worry about pollution problems. And when the battery is old, because the lead-acid battery has a great recovery value, the basic recovery and reuse, I see the data is the recovery rate has more than 95%. As for the battery factory there is no pollution, I think there must be some. But more than just throw away the pollution is certainly much smaller. Rest assured, no one will throw, because it is money.

2, increased the risk of the elderly children?

For the safety of the elderly children, the elderly children riding Electric Bike is certainly quite dangerous, but the elderly children riding a bike is not dangerous, open the car as dangerous as it is. Just because they do not want to ride a bike, but also can not open the car ride electric bike, then this increase in the risk to be counted in the electric bike head? I think this may be biased. In fact, this is not a vehicle problem, this is a human problem. Elderly children have a reasonable travel needs, but there is no perfect and convenient public transport system, had to choose electric cars. And the government did not think of ways to solve the problem of public transport system, it is unreasonable to blame the electric bike, which is unreasonable. Like a gun, the police in the hands of the gun is to protect the people, the villain in the hands of the gun on the contrary, the bad guys with guns to kill the blame? Should not all the guns be banned?

For the government, its popularity has brought a variety of problems, but it is hard to say that it does not significantly reduce the pressure on public transport systems. The future for a long time it will always exist, these problems will always exist. But with the improvement of urban construction, people's living standards improve, it will gradually disappear, just like a bike motorcycle. Because ah: If the people will be able to go out with preferential prices, convenient and quick to get on public transport, who will drive in the cold winter Electric Bike do?

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