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When Cycling Leg Cramps How To Do

Fingers: first fist hand cramp, stretch and then forced open and repeated this action until recovery.

Palm: palms consistency, not with a beat cramp cramps palm palms bent backward, then release, repeat action to recover so far.

Arm: fist first hand cramps, then bent arm shoulder, then outriggers Shen Zhang, repeated action, to recover so far.

Toe: Hold cramps toes, pull back and repeat, to recover so far.

Calf: Hold the side of the toe cramps, forced to pull back, the other hand press down on his knees to make legs straight, repeat the action, to recover so far.

Thigh: the thighs and knees bent to the front abdomen, surrounded by his hands, legs straight and then release, repeat action to recover so far.

Zhejiang Enze Vehicle Co.,Ltd
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